200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Yoga Alliance USA-registered Satbodh Online 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh is an aptly timed program to counter-balance Corona pandemic

Table of Contents

About the program

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Taking Full Care of Triple Principles of Life 
Physical, Mental, Spiritual

Satbodh 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is registered with Yoga Alliance USA. Yoga signifies remaining healthy and happy-not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually. They are related integrally, though we keep them separate. Yoga unifies them, into one yogic whole. This online course comprises five classical yoga components-asanas, pranayamas, bandha, mudra and shatkarma.  Further, it includes yogic Anatomy and Physiology. Satbodh online course also includes in its scope shodhan kriyas and meditation.

Affiliated to Yoga Alliance, USA

Yoga is all-round wellness

Physical wellness is not all

Yoga science unifies all three elements

Classical format is followed in online course

Whether online or onsite, yoga is the same: transforming and rejuvenating life from within. Consciousness being the core of yoga, one can connect to it at home under right guidance.
-Yogi Simant

Pre-requisites for 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

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Daily for 5 Days a Week, at Scheduled Time, With Open Mind

The online course follows the same pre-requisites as the onsite course.  Discipline and sincerity are expected of the students. They are expected to sit with all gadgets ready at the scheduled time daily for five days in a week. They are further expected to do homework sincerely by practicing the lessons on weekends. They must sit for classes with their minds open to the masters. The masters will guide them and satisfy their curiosity on the nuances of yogic science with their vast experiences and knowledge. They will edify them on how to remain healthy and happy in this uncertain time.

Same pre-requisites as onsite course

Discipline & sincerity expected

Sit at scheduled time, prepared

Classes for 5 days a week

Weekends for homework

200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Benefits of the Online Course

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Aiming at Complete Renewal, not Superficial Changes Body & Mind to be changed into Yogic Vehicles 
For Inner Fulfillment

Satbodh 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is focused on physical stability, balance of breathing and silence of mind, for three-pronged immunity: physical, mental and spiritual. It aims at transformation of being, not mere changes in lifestyle. Students are free to ask their guru beaming onscreen any query arising in their minds.

Stable body, steady breathing, quiet mind

Physical, mental, spiritual fortification

Guidance of yoga masters onscreen

Taking full care of students’ needs

Strength, confidence, dynamism boosted

Freedom from virus attack, poisoning life

Career Avenues

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The Online Teacher Training Consummates in Yoga Alliance USA Certificate for Teaching

This online course is career-oriented. It will throw immense career opportunities for the pass-outs. Satbodh 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh the course being registered with the highly esteemed Yoga Alliance USA, the certificate holders will have numerous career options to choose.  They are free to work with Satbodh Foundation or work independently as yoga teachers. They may choose to open yoga schools themselves or join the corporate houses as yoga trainers. If they choose to work with Satbodh Foundation they will be bestowed on with special honors.

Course Curriculum

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Curriculum is comprehensive, both in practical and theory parts. The classical yoga components are included in the practical part and the theory part takes the students deeper into yoga philosophy.

200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh


    1. Hatha Yoga Philosophy
    2. Patanjali Yoga Sutras
    3. Anatomy & Physiology
    4. Basic Indian Philosophy
    5. Guiding meditation classes


    1. Hatha Yoga  Asanas
    2. Bandha & Mudra 
    3. Pranayama & Shatkarma 
    4. Dynamic & Static meditation
    5. Stress-release Breathing

Why Satbodh 200-hour Online Course?

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Complete Online Training with Fascinating Syllabus

Satbodh Online 200-Hour YTTC in Rishikesh aims at not manufacturing yoga trainers but churning out yoga missionaries who, with their practical and theoretical knowledge of the subtle yoga sciences, will awaken the world to the need of ushering in a new life, free from tension, living in yogic peace and harmony with all. Further, the course boasts of a comprehensive curriculum, practical and theoretical, specially crafted for this uncertain time, to help the teachers spread out in the world with messages of hope.

Yoga Alliance USA Certification

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Yoga Alliance USA will present the certificates to the students on satisfactory completion of the Satbodh 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Attendance counts for certification. So, the students are advised to attend as many online classes as possible. Attentiveness and confidence to take online/onsite classes themselves is important requisite for certification.

Attentiveness during classes important

Yoga Alliance USA presents certificates

Attendance matters for certification

After online course ends, certificate is presented

Confidence to take classes themselves counts, too

Why Online YTTC?

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This is a difficult time for us in view of the pandemic. We have been robbed of our freedom of movement. Satbodh Foundation thus envisaged and introduced its online program to take yoga to homes. You will learn how to regenerate your life while sitting in your rooms, learning on screen.

warrior pose knee bent

Global Pandemic keeps us indoors

wide-angled seated forward bend

Online YTTC thus introduced by Satbodh

one-legged king pigeon pose

Students can regenerate life from home

pridge pose

Yoga masters will take care of all their needs

lotus pose

We need  strong immunity

Technology Required for Online Course

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Laptop essential for hatha yoga classes

Good camera & microphone

At least 5-6 GB data per day during the course

Broadband internet connection

Classes to be conducted on Zoom app latest version


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Here are some of the questions with concise answers the yoga seekers and aspiring ayurveda practitioners may ask.

I am a yoga beginner. Can I join your online 200-hour YTTC?

Yes, you can join. You will learn yoga techniques fast under our yoga masters’ guidance. We have designed this online course in a way that you can start easily and go into the advanced format without difficulty.

Do I need any equipment for my home yoga practice?

There is no special prop for home practice. Just wear comfortable clothes and keep a yoga mat. The room you will practise yoga in should be sufficiently airy.

Should I eat anything before yoga?

It is good if you do yoga with empty stomach. If it is difficult you may have health drink or fruit juice. There should a sufficient time gap between yoga practice and taking meal.

What will I mainly learn from online 200-hour YTTC?

You will learn five components of classical yoga-Asanas, pranayamas, bandha, mudra, shatkarma. Besides, there are Anatomy & Physiology classes, both theoretical & practical. Shodhan kriyas are important part of this online course. Further, you will learn the art of connecting consciousness through meditation.

For how many hours the classes for this course would be held?

Classes will be held for 6 to 7 hours a day, from Monday to Friday. It will be completed in 28 days. Both theoretical and practical classes will be held.

Is attendance very important for this course?

Yes, very important if you are to receive the certificate from Yoga Alliance USA. If you are unable to attend online classes due to sickness or some other emergencies you must inform the Satbodh management in advance.

I was down with Covid-19. I still have some post-Covid complications. Will your 200-hour online course benefit me physically?

Yes, the course will benefit you. All the components of this course will make you stronger-physically, mentally & spiritually-while boosting your immunity and improving health.

Are the teachers for this online course qualified?

Yes. Satbodh Yoga School is rich with a pool of experienced teachers. They will not just train you in all aspects of this course but will answer all your questions related to this course.