200- Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India

Yoga Alliance USA-registered 200-hour (28 days) Yoga Certificate Course in Rishikesh is offering three kinds of wellness-physical, mental, spiritual. One wellness divorced from other two is incomplete. Yoga unifies them. 

Table of Contents

200- Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India

Spirituality & Happiness

Are you aspiring to be a thriving yoga teacher with internationally recognized teaching expertise? If so, Satbodh Yoga School is offering its 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh with traditional yogic tools and techniques adapted to the present time.

Yoga is for whole humanity. Although India is the place of its birth it is universal and this is how it was bequeathed by the yogis of ancient India: universalizing yoga, for one and all across the globe.

Yoga is the art of remaining healthy and happy, not just physically but also mentally and spiritually. These three kinds of wellness are related integrally, though we keep them separate. Yoga unifies them.

Satbodh Yoga School is offering an intensive, all-inclusive, fully residential 200 Hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh painstakingly crafted for both the beginners & the intermediate level yoga practitioners who are aspiring to become professional yoga teachers. Not just that. You may also come for personal reasons, for your health or for your spiritual awakening.

This course includes theoretical and practical components, complementary to each other. This is to ensure your untroubled journey into the time-defying core of yoga, the structure being adapted to your modern style of living. 

Importantly, on successfully completing the Satbodh  Yoga School 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, you may register with Yoga Alliance USA as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 200.

Satbodh 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is a fully residential course. During your stay in Rishikesh- the serene, spiritually pulsating place nestled in the ever-meditative Himalayas- you will be bestowed with enriching yogic and spiritual experiences as a future yoga teacher or as an individual.

  • 200-hour YTTC affiliated to Yoga Alliance, USA
  • The course is for beginners and Intermediate yoga practitioners
  • Practical & theoretical components
  • Become a registered yoga teacher 200 
  • Fully residential course near serene Rishikesh
  • Traditional yoga blended with modern concept


Course Name :200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Level : Beginner to Intermediate
Yoga Style : Traditional Hatha Yoga adapted to present time
Course Module : Practical & Theoretical
Duration : 4 Weeks
Daily Hour : 6-7 Hours
Module : Residential with Meals
Language : English
Certification : RYT 200 - Yoga Alliance USA
Venue : Satbodh Nature Resort
Location : Near Rishikesh
Course Fee : Single Sharing - 1999 USD
Double Sharing - 1599 USD


Practical Module

  • Traditional hatha yoga static asanas
  • Mindful pranayama breathing
  • Energy-locking bandha & mudra
  • Body-cleansing shatkarma
  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Structure & functions of human body
  • Alignment & adjustment
  • Mind-quietening modern & traditional breathing
  • Soul-purifying yagya performance
  • Inward-drawing yoga nidra
  • Transformational static & dynamic meditation
  • Stress releasing & inner awareness begetting breathing

Theoretical Module

  • Life-transforming yoga philosophy
  • Yoga’s growing relevance in contemporary world
  • Yogic anatomy & physiology
  • Discourse on Gita
  • Vedanta & tantra
  • Yogic astrology
  • Therapeutic effects of yoga
  • Science & psychology with basic yoga
  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Medicinal herbs & home remedies
  • Behavioral/ corporate training
  • Ayurveda & yogic diet

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga in Sanskrit comprises two words: hatha that means stubbornness (not coercion) and yoga that means purifying the nature, transforming the nature. Hatha yoga thus means transforming the nature with persistent efforts, overcoming nature’s stiff resistance.

Meditation Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

Satbodh Yoga School uncompromisingly follows the traditional core of yogic science while adapting it to the requirements of the present time. The 200 Hour hatha yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh has been designed to enable the aspirants to learn yoga cast in the framework of the modern time.

It is surprising that the structural concept of yoga has remained unchanged for millennia of time. It has not changed because it has been complete and perfect since the time it was conceived. The outer life changes with time, but the wisdom remains constant. Wisdom is enshrined in yogic science. The 200 Hour hatha yoga teacher training course (YTTC) in Rishikesh has been devised with this truth kept in view.

OUR Vision

Satbodh Yoga School does not believe in slicing up life into fragments. It views life in its wholeness. So, we do not pit Science against Spiritualism, Physical against Mental and Spiritual, Matter against Consciousness, Scientific Discovery and Invention against the Inner Adventure as enshrined in Yogic Science. Satbodh teaching is thus inclusive and assimilative. It takes science with reverence. It considers that scientific enquiry is as much a part of the unfolding Supreme Being as the yogic enquiry is. Both seek the Unity of Existence in the One.

Satbodh teaching is thus comprehensive and inclusive. It is committed to imparting complete, in-depth knowledge of each subject chosen in its 200 Hour YTTC in Rishikesh. The mission behind this course is to take the students into the souls of the chosen subjects. Satbodh Yoga School is serious on this point.

Additional knowledge

Vedanta & Tantra

Vedanta affirms that the Self and the World are One Reality. Tantra is the science of unblocking the chakras or energy centers of the body, leading to self-realization.

Yogic Astrology

Yoga is linked with astrology because certain yogic kriyas are believed to strengthen one’s energy coming from planets, turning planetary negatives into positives.


Internship training has been introduced to transform yoga seekers into yoga masters. The mission behind Internship is to help the students get globally connected as yoga promoters.


In all, 4 certificates would be given to the students on completion of this course- one by Yoga Alliance USA (Hatha Yoga) and the other three on Vedanta & Tantra, Yogic Astrology and Internship by Satbodh Foundation.

Behavioral/ Corporate Training

This is to change one’s present behavioral pattern to enhance competence to take on professional or organizational challenges with ease and confidence.

Teaching Confidence

Students must learn to take classes themselves. They will be provided with group of students to teach by Satbodh Yoga School.

Course Duration

4 Weeks 6-7 Hours per day

Why Should You Choose Satbodh Yoga School?

What Is YogaSatbodh Yoga School’s 200 Hour YTTC in Rishikesh is aimed at not manufacturing yoga trainers but churning out yoga representatives or yoga missionaries who, with their practical and theoretical knowledge of the subtle sciences of yoga, will awaken the world to the need of harmonizing the individual life with the Universal Existence, of living in wholeness, not in jarring parts. Thus, this 200 Hour YTTC in Rishikesh will usher in your new birth in yoga- life free from tension as you will be living in yogic peace and harmony.

Importantly, the curriculum of this 200 Hour YTTC in   Rishikesh   with all its subsidiaries has been devised with full approval from the Yoga Alliance USA. Undergoing this detailed and all-inclusive course under the consummate yoga masters will enable you to get back into the world on completion of this course as confident yoga teachers duly certified, emanating the yogic light everywhere you go as teachers.

Why Join Satbodh Yoga School?

The uniqueness of the Satbodh Yoga School lies not just in the inclusive curriculum- traditional, yet well-suited to present time- but in its mission to transform life by spiritual light. It works and will continue to work to bring peace in the strife-torn world, churn out the Divine in man and integrate people from across the world in the indivisible Divine Unity through the means of the timeless yoga science.

School Philosophy

  • Satbodh works for Peace & Unity
  • Seeks to stir the Divine in man
  • Unites humanity in Divine Oneness
  • Believes that the world is one
  • All divisions contrary to Divine Unity
  • Its goal is to trigger interest in yoga
  • Across the globe, transforming life
  • Through spiritualism & yoga
  • Satbodh-a Mission Powered by a Philosophy
  • Satbodh believes in global intervention

Teachers' Philosophy

  • Team members from diverse fields of professions
  • Renowned teachers, scientists, yoga exponents
  • Writers, journalists, musicians
  • Not professionals but yoga promoters
  • Help seekers absorb & assimilate yoga
  • Ancient texts coupled with modern tools
  • Satbodh teachers are loving guides
  • Rather than stern instructors
  • Showing the way to knowledge
  • Instead of imposing knowledge from outside

Satbodh Social Initiatives

  • A charitable trust
  • Has pledged 40 per cent of its
  • Earnings for welfare works
  • Tourism, environment
  • Education, self-sustainability
  • Yoga, meditation, health and Women empowerment are Satbodh’s intervention areas
  • Social Welfare Internship
  • Takes social welfare volunteers

Registered With Yoga Alliance USA

The 200 Hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh being duly approved by the Yoga Alliance USA, Satbodh Yoga School is empowered to award its students with the Yoga Alliance certificates on successful completion of the course. Yoga Alliance USA is an international organization supporting yoga schools across the world. It supports yoga students and yoga teachers with its globally recognized training standards. RYT 200 certification that you will be handed will raise your stature as yoga teachers and consequently, the yoga schools across the world will hire you without hesitation as the certification will testify to your expertise as yoga teachers of international standard.

Yoga Alliance Certification – RYT

  • All participants on completing 200- hour YTTC
  • Are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance USA as RYT 200
  • With internationally valued yoga teacher certifications
  • Awardees will teach as independent yoga teachers

Registered Public Charitable Trust

Satbodh Foundation is a registered public charitable trust established under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 with the mission of promoting Indian Spiritualism together with charitably serving the weaker sections of the society. It works in myriad fields: yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, poverty alleviation, education and women empowerment among others.

Principal Courses

  • 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • 7 Days’ Sat-Chit Kriya
  • 7 Days’ Sat Meditation (Basic)
  • 21 Days’ Sat Meditation (Advanced)

Evaluation For 200 - Hour YTTC

The overall evaluation of 200- Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh by Satbodh Yoga School are based on following assessment:

  • Theoretical training assessment
  • Practical training assessment
  • Students’ conduct throughout training
  • Minimum 90% attendance
  • Satisfactory reason for 10% absenteeism

What Does Course Fee Include?

  • Accommodation & food, welcome gift & souvenir
  • Pick & drop facility from jolly-grant airport near Rishikesh
  • The Sundays would be arranged differently
  • Special dresses for hatha yoga trainees & special honors for Satbodh interns
  • All kits required for practical and theoretical training in different parts of the course
  • There may be musical concerts on Sunday evenings
  • Students may also rest on Sundays if they so wish
  • Wi-Fi zone & CCTV surveillance
  • The trainees on completion of training will receive certificates from Yoga Alliance USA


Green, Serene, Silent

Satbodh Yoga School accommodates the trainees at its sprawling ashram located amidst lush green forest, nestled in the Himalayas. 
As we respect personal space of all the trainees, we ensure that they stay undisturbed, engaged in contemplation and assimilation. Accommodation is provided as per their requirement –double or single room with A/C or non-A/C facility.

School Rules

  • Students must deal with one another & staff members respectfully
  • Electronic gadgets like laptops & tablets are not to be used during lectures
  • Students must wear only yoga dresses to be provided by Satbodh Yoga School


There must be some minimum eligibility for the applicants to fulfill. This is to ensure that there is no hiccup midway which might disturb the smooth continuance of the course.

What are Expected of Trainees?

  • Participants must ensure before enrolling that there would be no problem regarding tourist visa clearance
  • They must be in perfect health-physical, mental & emotional
  • If they have any disease-physical or mental-they should inform the management prior to enrollment
  • They should carry either a certificate of complete vaccination of both doses or carry a negative RT-PCR Certificate of last 72 hours
  • They should refrain from doing anything that may disturb classes
  • If they have a problem, they should immediately consult the group master and he or she will sort out the same

Daily schedule

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh follows its schedule in strict compliance with Yoga Alliance USA guidelines. This involves 6 to 7 hours of the training time assigned to some facets of yoga each day during the course. Maybe exacting, but if you adapt to it, your life will be illumined, new made.

05:30 am

Wake Up

06:00 am

Herbal Tea

06:15 am

Body -Cleansing Shatkarma

06:30 am

Pranayama Kriya

07:30 am

Hatha Yoga Asanas

09:00 am


11:00 am

Yoga Philosophy

12:00 pm

Yogic Anatomy & Physiology

01:30 pm


02:30 pm


03:30 pm

Alignment & Adjustment

05:00 pm

Hatha Yoga Asanas

06:30 pm


07:30 pm


10:45 pm

Lights Out

Please note: This daily schedule is subject to changes on the teachers’ discretion

Return, Refund & Cancellation Policy

The 30 percent fee paid as advance is non-refundable except in case of pandemic in which it is refundable. In case of your inability to come and attend classes due to the pandemic, we will return whatever amount you will deposit into your account on online transfer system. If you are unable to attend a program due to any reason other than pandemic, dates can be adjusted within six months as per your convenience. But the amount you pay as advance or as total course fee is non-returnable.