Aloe Vera: Magic Skin Care

Aloe Vera’s magical skin-healing properties have been known for millennia. For some time, the chemicals-based cosmetic products keep dominating over the natural products. But now, the people, particularly the beauty-conscious women, are falling back upon the traditional cosmetic products, Aloe Vera being an indispensable ingredient.



Unblemished skin

Fairer complexion

Shining face

No pimple, scars

Ageing Controlled


Aloe Vera VS Chemicals

Beware of Chemicals, These Harm Skin

Gleaming skin is a treasured part of feminine beauty. To meet this feminine fancy, cosmetic industries across the world have been booming. These are coming up with myriad products from skin toner to eye shades, face moisturizer to face powder. But remember, most of these beauty products are made from chemicals. These chemicals may provide artificial sheen to the skin, but the effect is not just short-lived but these finally make skin dry and dull.

  • Women crave glowing skin/face
  • Cosmetic industries are booming
  • Chemical-based cosmetics harm skin
  • Sheen given by these is brief
  • Skin becomes dull & dry

Ayurveda science, on the other hand, lauds Aloe Vera as a nature’s boon for skin as it helps retain charm and beauty of skin in natural way. It is said that if you regularly use Aloe Vera on face, neck and hands, it will help you retain the softness of skin. Furthermore, it helps heal cuts, rashes, sun-burns. It is also known to soak excessive oil on the facial skin of teenagers and consequently prevents pimples and acne from appearing.

  • Aloe Vera pulp lessens blemishes
  • When taken together with lemon juice
  • Drink Aloe Vera juice with lukewarm water
  • It adds sheen to complexion
  • Makes skin soft, elastic


How To Use Aloe Vera?

Home-Made Beauty Products

We all can have Aloe Vera plant in our home gardens or in pots in the balcony. It hardly needs care and maintenance. It not just beautifies your garden but you can use it for therapeutic and beauty purposes. You may easily extract the gel and juice from the plants and prepare home-made natural beauty products quite easily.

  • Gel from its porous part
  • Yellow sap is the latex
  • Apply directly on your skin
  • Let it dry for few minutes
  • Gives moisturizing look


Fairer Face

Enhances Beauty, Removes Spots

Aloe Vera is known to turn complexion fairer by removing blemishes, dark spots and circles around, under eyes. If you start your day by drinking Aloe Vera with lukewarm water, you will soon find why this plant is being used for thousands of years as a beauty-enhancer. However, if you take it with Amla or Lemon, the results will be more fantastic. Plus, if you do yoga which detoxifies your body, a few weeks are enough for you to see the magic.

  • Makes complexion fairer
  • Removes dark spots, circles
  • Fights against acne/pimples
  • Drink Aloe Vera with Amla
  • Or Lemon daily & do yoga
  • Pranayama for quick results



Naturally Effective, sans Chemicals

Aloe Vera is immensely rich in healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is known to remove wrinkles and sun-burn marks, sans use of chemicals. Also, it reduces and removes acne and pimples scars without leaving any mark if these are not very serious in nature.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Blend Amla & Aloe Vera
  • Apply on pimples, sun burns
  • Result is certain
  • Unless the scars
  • Are serious in nature


Controls Ageing

Stress Causes Ageing

Face reflects age. Besides, if you live stressful life it also reflects in your face. Environmental pollution also wreaks havoc on your skin and face, darkening and drying them, natural moisture lost. If you want to retain your youthful look, you must take Aloe Vera in whatever form regularly together with practicing asanas and pranayamas.

  • Age manifests on face
  • Stress & pollution dry
  • Skin, face, moisture lost
  • Aloe Vera moisturizes
  • Ensures youthful look
  • Asanas & pranayama
  • Enhance Aloe Vera magic


Reduces Wrinkles

Elasticity, softness Return

Wrinkles appear when your skin loses its natural elasticity and moist as you keep aging. Aloe Vera is said to contain a wrinkle-reducing fluid which helps in retaining elasticity. But to get visible results, you must have sufficient sleep and take balanced diet. These help facial skin retain softness.

  • Apply Aloe Vera gel on wrinkles
  • Gently massage with finger tips
  • Move finger-tips both clockwise
  • Then anti-clockwise
  • Elasticity, softness return
  • Deep sleep, balanced diet needed


Natural Moisturizer

Hydrates Skin Naturally

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera ensures natural hydration of skin. Further, it contains minerals in surplus and it naturally moisturizes and soothes the outer layer of skin during the hot, sultry summer days.

  • Naturally hydrates skin
  • Contains beneficial minerals
  • These moisturize naturally
  • Gives quick relief to sun-burns
  • Apply it several times, no side-effects


Perfect Complexion

Skin Rash Healed Quickly

Aloe Vera is an amazing herbal plant with its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. It refreshes your complexion if supplemented by daily yoga and pranayama practice.

  • Mix it with lemon, cinnamon,
  • Honey & tea tree oil
  • For special skin rash healing
  • Powerful anti-oxidant
  • Yoga/pranayama enhance the result


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