Amla for Complete & Natural Hair Care

Amla for Complete & Natural Hair Care

amla for hair care


You may be feeling unease over your hair falling or prematurely graying caused by genetic reasons or lack of healthy diet or stressed life or anemia or hormonal imbalances. You have to fall back upon Amla; it strengthens it from roots and giving it luster.


Stop Using Chemicals

A Precious Herb

Most of us are not happy with how our hair looks like. So, we use chemicals to make it as we want it to look like. We rush to salons and spas and spend a lot of money on our hair treatment. But you are perhaps aware of the fact that chemical-based products are used there. Such treatments may make your hair look glossy for a time, but these may damage your hair permanently. So, it is time to go back to Mother Nature. She has given us Amla, her precious herb, to take natural and complete care of our hair.

  • We generally are not happy with our hair
  • We use chemicals, go to salons, spa
  • But they may damage hair finally
  • Time to go back to Nature, to Amla herb

Another thing. Healthy hair means good health. If your hair is not as it should be, it means that something is wrong with you. You know that excessive anxiety causes excessive hair fall and premature graying. So, to bring your hair back to its natural texture, you must correct the body imbalances and free your mind from anxiety/ stress. Along with taking balanced diet with Amla included in right proportions, you must do yogasanas and pranayamas regularly, to change your stressed life into healthy, cheerful one.

  • Healthy hair means sound health
  • Anxiety causes hair fall, premature graying
  • Amla should be included in diet
  • Asanas & pranayamas regulate health, end stress

You may take Amla in raw form or Amla powder and use the hair oil based on Amla. Together, these will help you get back the natural texture of your hair.

  • Raw Amla or Amla powder help
  • Using Amla-based hair oil also help
  • They strengthen hair roots, nourish hair
  • Normal hair texture returns


Rich With Essential Minerals

Amla Helps Hair Growth


Rich in iron, protein and vitamin B and C-all essential minerals for hair- Amla is a natural hair conditioner. What you have to do is to mix Amla juice with fresh lemon juice and massage hair’s roots gently before taking bath. Leave it for few minutes and let it dry. And then wash your hair during bath. This is the natural way to help your hair return to its normal texture with strength and glow.

  • Amla rich with iron, protein, vitamin B and C
  • Essential minerals for healthy hair
  • Mix Amla juice with lemon juice
  • Apply the mix on hair before bath


Contains Essential Acids That Nourish Hair

Amla Strengthens Hair


Amla is a reliable choice for holistic hair care as the essential acids like Gallic acid and Carotene are present in it. These not just strengthen hair from the roots but also help its normal growth.  You may opt for the simple way of drinking Amla juice mixed with honey in morning. It will detoxify your body and improve digestion with better assimilation of food. It will automatically make your hair healthier, looking shiny and bouncy.

  • Amla contains Gallic acid, Carotene
  • They nourish hair naturally
  • Take Amla juice with honey in morning
  • It will take care of your hair


Amla for Complete & Natural Hair Care

How to Mix Amla with Coconut Oil?


It is quite simple. First chop Amla into small pieces and heat coconut oil for 5 minutes. Then add Amla pieces and let it simmer till the color of the oil becomes dark. Now take it out of the oven, let it cool down and keep it in a clean bottle. This oil will take care of your hair growth, making it light and shiny as well as controlling fall and premature graying.

  • Buy fresh Amla (1 kg) from market
  • Wash and let it dry under sun
  • Chop into small pieces
  • You may also extract juice
  • Take 1 table spoonful of coconut oil
  • Mix chopped Amla fruit & oil together
  • Heat the mixture on low flame
  • Switch-off flame when it changes color

Or Make Oil from Amla Powder

  • Mix Amla powder with coconut oil
  • Put together on a pan in low flame
  • Stir repeatedly till it starts bubbling
  • Cook for few minutes
  • Turn-off the flame
  • Put the mixture in a clean jar


Protein, Fatty Acids, Iron, Vitamin C

Amla Stops Premature Graying


All essentials required for stopping premature graying of hair like protein, fatty acids, iron and Vitamin C are present in Amla. So, regular use of Amla oil on hair will help you retain your hair’s natural black color.

  • Protein, fatty acids, iron, Vitamin C in Amla
  • They stop premature graying of hair
  • Regularly use Amla oil on hair
  • And retain your hair’s natural blackness


Citrus Fruit is Highly Beneficial

Amla Fights Dandruff


You face dandruff problem particularly during winter season. Going to salon or hair spa don’t give you complete relief as dandruff comes back and stays persistently. So, you should go for natural remedy. Amla is citrus fruit like lemon with plenty of anti-oxidant properties and large amount of Vitamin C. Just massage your scalp with Amla oil using fingertips from front to back. It removes stubborn dandruff in a most natural way.

  • Dandruff is persistent
  • Salon or spa may not solve
  • Amla & lemon may solve
  • Massage scalp with Amla oil
  • Results will be visible soon


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