Amrit – Amla

Thanks to its myriad, wonderful health benefits, the inclusion of Amla in daily diet may keep you in the pink of health with inexhaustible energy to cope with life. The health specialists aver that 100-gram fresh Amla contains abundance of Vitamin C amounting to 20 pieces of oranges.


Amrit - Amla


Use of Amla

In Use for Millenia

Though it is difficult to determine when the Indian gooseberry began to be used by Ayurveda healing system in India, it can be affirmed that it is being used for at least 1000 years. Aside from being a storehouse of Vitamin C, it contains several minerals: extremely beneficial to good health. Its price is not forbidding; it is quite cheap, reachable to all sections of people.

This ‘superfruit’ protects you from numerous physical disorders like indigestion, diabetes, blood impurity, failing memory, skin infection and weak eye-sight, naturally.

It is as much a good source of Vitamin C as iron, amino acids, calcium and phosphorus.  Being rich in fiber content, it detoxifies body naturally sans side-effects. Aside from warding off the common cold and cough, it contains more antioxidant power than berry and pomegranate.

  • Called ‘superfruit’ ‘Amrit’
  • For its health benefits
  • Boosts immunity & energy
  • Fights Corona virus
  • Rich storehouse of Vitamin C
  • A powerful immunity booster
  • Also contains several minerals
  • It is cheap; all can afford it
  • Helps solve indigestion, diabetes
  • Blood impurity, failing memory
  • Skin infection, weak eye-sight
  • Contains iron, amino acids
  • Calcium, phosphorus, fiber
  • Detoxifies body naturally
  • A powerful antioxidant


Ayurveda, Yoga, Amla

Builds Protective Wall

Amla holds a prime place in the ayurvedic concept of disease management. Along with Giloy and Aloe Vera, Amla, lauded as the elixir fruit, balances all three “doshas” or disorders: vat, pitt & kapha, ensuring vitality and longevity. As said earlier, it contains the essential vitamins and minerals needed for a robust, disease-free body. It is being used in the ayurvedic treatment of diabetes, cold-cough and seasonal fever for thousands of years and with success.

  • Valued fruit in Ayurveda
  • Balances three doshas
  • Vat, pitta & kapha
  • Ensures vitality & longevity
  • Used in treating diabetes
  • Cold-cough, seasonal fever

Yoga, particularly Hatha Yoga, strongly recommends daily consumption of Amla particularly during the winter months, for it builds protective wall against cold, cough and phlegm.

The yoga masters advise you to start your day with consuming Amla juice with hot water and then start practicing hatha yoga asanas and breathing kriyas. A strong body with unshakable immunity is considered essential for one who practices hatha yoga. If the body is enfeebled by ailments of whatever kind-major or minor- you cannot practice pranayama and meditation.


  • Yoga adepts advise starting
  • Day with consuming Amla
  • Protects you against
  • Cold, cough, phlegm
  • Strong immunity essential
  • For hatha yoga practice
  • Physically weak cannot
  • Do asanas & pranayamas
  • Amla strengthens body
  • By boosting immunity


Beauty of Amla

Consumed in All Forms

The beauty of Amla is that one can consume it in all forms: raw, ripe or in cooked form. No matter how you consume it, the nutrient value of the Indian gooseberry does not get reduced. You may even mix it with oil and spices and cook it with mixed vegetables.   Amla retains its nutrient value intact.


  • Consumed in all forms
  • Raw, ripe or cooked
  • Nutrient value intact
  • Cooked with oil & spice
  • In mixed veg soup

Raw Amla tastes sour. But when you cook it with mixed vegetables the sourness melts and adds a tasty flavor to it. You may also prepare pickles of it by adding salt and oil in right proportions and preserve it for days. Amla candy is liked by all and it helps digestion.

  • Raw Amla tastes sour
  • When cooked sourness melts
  • You may prepare pickles of Amla
  • Amla candy is popular
  • Amla’s health values are
  • intact in all forms



Amla’s Myriad Benefits

Fights Microbes, Keeps Away Diseases

  1. Boosts Immunity

Amla is known for its antibacterial and antifungal property. It boosts immunity by reviving the protective cells of your body. These protective cells when revived fight and beat the foreign microbes, fungus and viruses. As it contains many useful acids, it detoxifies body and makes it immune to diseases.

  • Has antibacterial, antifungal property
  • Revives protective cells of body
  • These revived cells fight microbes
  • Contains several detoxifying acids
  • These protect body against diseases


  1. Controls Diabetes

Amla is known to absorb the excessive sugar in blood, naturally. If you are a diabetic and takes medicines to keep insulin under control, you may take Amla in moderate quantity. As per the Ayurvedic system of disease management, those suffering from type-2 diabetes should consume Amla with Black Plum (Jamun) and Bitter Gourd (Karela) to reduce the harmful volume of sugar in blood.

  • Absorbs excessive sugar in blood
  • If a diabetic, you should take it
  • Those with type-2 diabetes should
  • Take Amla with Jamun & Karela
  • Has positive effect on blood glucose
  • Cures diabetes, sans side effects


  1. Purifies Blood

Amla is regarded as a matchless blood-purifier.  Blood that circulates throughout the body gets obstructed by toxins accumulated in body.  Amla removes these toxins and regulates blood circulation.

  • A peerless blood purifier
  • Accumulated toxins impede
  • Free blood circulation
  • Amla removes these toxins
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Regular blood circulation
  • Revitalizes body, restores health


  1. Brightens Skin

Glow of skin depends upon your digestive and excretory systems. If these systems function well, your skin will glow. And here Amla comes in with its uses. It not just helps digestion but helps detoxification.

  • Skin glows when digestive
  • Excretory systems work well
  • Amla regulates their functioning
  • Helps digestion & detoxification
  • Natural skin glow returns


  1. Sharpens Vision

Another benefit of Amla is that it improves vision. This is because of the fact that it contains carotene which is known to sharpen vision. Amla is also rich in vitamin A and this improves eye health. Vitamin C content in Amla fights bacteria which causes conjunctivitis and other eye infections. You may start your day by drinking Amla juice mixed with lukewarm water.

  • Amla improves vision
  • Carotene in Amla
  • Sharpens vision
  • Rich in Vitamin A
  • Good for eye health
  • Amla protects against
  • Eye infections
  • Amla juice with carrot
  • And pomegranate juice
  • Immensely helpful


  1. Reduces Weight

Amla helps timely releases of energy and cuts fats from abdomen through promoting metabolism of the body. Low in calories, it contains an element that neutralizes adipose tissue which causes overweight.

  • Releases energy in time
  • Cuts fat from abdomen
  • It is low in calories
  • Neutralizes adipose tissue
  • Which causes overweight


  1. Relieves Constipation

The fiber in Amla helps regular bowel movements and it may relieve one of irritable bowel syndrome and chronic constipation in a natural way. The dried powder of gooseberry cures acidity and stomach ulcers. It helps the alcoholics who have inflamed uric acid in body.

  • Fiber in Amla regulates bowel
  • Relieves irritable bowel syndrome
  • Solves chronic constipation
  • Cures acidity, stomach ulcers
  • Lessens uric acid in alcoholics


  1. Ensures Lustrous Hair

Hair is an important element of beauty. We all try to stop graying of hair. Amla can come in handy. It contains calcium, iron and vitamin in abundance and these help hair growth and stop premature graying. Besides, it removes dandruff naturally.

  • Amla juice a hair-conditioner
  • Nourishes hair, stops graying
  • Removes dandruff naturally
  • Apply Amla juice on scalp for results



Nutritious Value of Amla


·      Contains calcium & iron

·      Rich in fiber content

·      Eases digestive system

·      Protects from pimples/acne

·       Anti-oxidant in nature




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