10- Day Online Breath Meditation Workshop

Covid-19 has forced us into falling back upon self-care resources. Breath Meditation Workshop is an excellent yogic self-care tool to be explored in full during this tense time.

Table of Contents

Imagine & Eliminate

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Covid-19 has forced us into falling back upon self-care resources. Breath meditation is an excellent yogic self-care asset to be explored in this tense time.

Meditation begins with imagination and elimination. One must imagine himself as the Soul, neither body nor life nor mind. And then he must discard these temporal elements to reach the ultimate Spiritual Substance, unborn, without beginning, without end. The peace one gets from meditation is not ephemeral, but secure and stable. Fixing one’s attention on an object is followed by concentration while concentration progressively deepens into meditation.

Imagination & elimination first steps of meditation

Consciousness, awakened, brings health & joy of living

Attention is followed by concentration, mind silenced

Concentration deepens into meditation

Meditation quiets mind, connects Consciousness

Not body & mind, something beyond them

Breath Meditation Workshop Defined

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Conscious Breathing Opens a New Centre of Being. In the Blissful Present

Mindful breathing or breath meditation floods life with positive emotions, driving out negative emotions, progressively. It is simple: just breathing consciously, observing breaths flow in and out: inhalation, retention, exhalation… This gives us the sense of ever-lasting present, a wonderful sense of being alive: no regret of past and no fear of future. Three steps are involved: breathing consciously; quieting down mind, freed from negative thoughts, and letting the inner awareness remain, like a candle flame in a windless place as Gita says.

Air drawn into lungs consciously

Feeling life energy enter body

Inhalation held up consciously

Body left immobile, compliant

In pure awareness

Breath released slowly, consciously

Letting lung return into relaxation

Present alone lives: eternal moment

Breath Connects Us to Universe

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Breath Constricts Us to Body. Breath Connects Us to Universe. Breath Is Divine

We mistakenly take our body for all we are. Life and Mind bottled up in body, the life- breath connects us to our body.  But the yogic science affirms that breath is divine, for breath can bridge our body with the universe, dissolving the ego-walls.  
Our body in the yogic sense is not a separate unit made of innumerable living cells. It is the universe in microcosmic form. And breath can prove instrumental in connecting our life to the universal life, the Macrocosm, the Boundless, the Infinite.

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Body is not all we are

Body not a separate unit

The universe is living in it

Breath connects body to universe

Breath gone off, we are gone, physically

Static & Dynamic Breath Meditation

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Breath is the Key to the Realization of Passivity & Dynamism

 Shiva & Shakti

Breath is an important yogic instrument to transform life from the transient to the eternal. Through controlling and steadying breath as per the classical yogic texts, we can perceive the Non-Existence or the Void and further, we can force open the gates of the seven chakras or energy centers in the body to connect the Supreme Energy that is behind the Universal Play.
In static breath meditation, the breath becomes slow and slower. It makes one feel as though he is non-existent, the world-play disappearing into the Sunya or the Great Void. This is followed by the dynamic breath meditation when one breathes fast and faster.

It helps one become aware of the seven chakras functioning in the body, of the Supreme Energy operating in them. Inner consciousness opens in another dimension, the dimension of energy, all forms of life seeming to dance incessantly, powered by that energy. 
Quiescence returns after a time and awareness of the static and dynamic aspects of life remains clear and undiminished in mind.  

  • Breath is Divine
  • Breath universalizes body & life
  • First slow down breath 
  • Awareness of Void, Non-Existence
  • Then breathe faster 
  • Awareness of Divine Energy 
  • Divine Energy playing out in Life
  • Reconcile static & dynamic
  •  Completeness of Awareness

3 Levels of Meditation

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Attention, Focus & Concentration
Consummate into Meditation, Step by Step

Connecting to Consciousness

Breath and mind being interconnected, breath balances mind and helps it connect to the above-mental consciousness, taking us into the realm of supra-physical experiences. Regular practice of breath meditation speeds up the evolution of life, the physical-mental being transmuted into the spiritual being, along with spiritual healing: its byproduct.

Attention, Focus, Concentration

Awareness of breath flowing in and out makes mind controlled and compliant. Now, it is time for focus. Focusing for an increasing period of time brings concentration (Dharana). Single-pointed concentration deepens into meditation (Dhyana).

Awareness & Consciousness

Meditation begins with outer awareness and then it moves inward. Breath meditation techniques, when rightly followed, turn our gross breath the divine breath that opens into Consciousness—the Consciousness of Oneness of all Existences, both in its static and dynamic forms.

  • Begins with attention & focus
  • Focus leads into concentration
  • Concentration deepens into meditation
  • Breath meditation connects to Consciousness
  • Consciousness brings mystical experiences
  • Breath becomes Divine Breath
  • Universalizes Body & Mind
  • Realization of Oneness of all Existence,
  • In both static & dynamic forms

Corona time has made us sit and look into the root causes of life’s unrest and ponder over the true goal of life: transforming life, from stress into peace and health. Breath meditation is a yogic instrument of this sublime transformation.
-Yogi Simant

Module of Course

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Thoughtfully Designed Series from Asanas to Breathing to Meditation

 One Leading to the Other, Sequentially


Active breath

Balanced and forceful breath purifies lungs & throat tubes

Passive breath

Stay alert to every inhale, exhale & breath-retention

Light asanas

Breath & mind taken into inner-exploration


Attention into focus, focus into concentration, concentration into meditation

Questionnaire session

Meditation curiosity would be satisfied by yoga masters

Program Information

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  • 10 online sessions, 90 minutes each
  • Students free to go at their own pace, in their own spaces
  • All questions of the students will be answered at length
  • Students should complete the course in one month 
  • Counting from registration dates 
  • For their own health benefit

Benefits of Daily Online Yoga

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With Body & Mind Balanced, Nerves Soothed
Daily Online Yoga Gateway into Vigorous Health

Growing  ability to handle stressful situations with ease

Inculcating positive approach towards life

Enhancing memory, raising productivity & efficiency

Bolstering emotional balance, lessening frictions in life

Living in the present moments, past & future left behind

Releasing Consciousness from mental awareness

Clearing the subconscious through transformation

Strengthening brain cells, boosting dynamism

Soothing nerves, ensuring restful sleep

Technology Required For Online Course

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Good camera & microphone

Broadband internet connection

Laptop essential for classes

At least 5-6 GB data per day during the course

Classes to be conducted on Zoom app latest version


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Here are some of the questions with concise answers the yoga seekers and aspiring ayurveda practitioners may ask.

For a yoga novice like me, is it good to join this online breath meditation course?

Yes, you can and it will do you good.  It is very simple. For mindful meditation, you must practise attention, focus and concentration. Concentration will become meditation in due course of time. You should not hurry through. Initially, you will take 45 minutes to get ready for meditation.

Can you please explain static and dynamic breath meditation?

In static breath meditation, your breath will become slow.  This is followed by the dynamic breath meditation when you will breathe fast. They help clearing lungs and trachea of hostile bodies, ensuring smooth oxygen flow throughout the body.

What is the best time for breath meditation exercise?

The best time for meditation is the pre-dawn period, before the sun rise.  Pre-dawn meditation brings energy in body for the day’s work.  You may do it also in the evening hours or the night before retirement. It will help digestion and induce restful sleep.

Should I eat anything before meditation?

Nothing solid if you can help it. You can take liquid food like fruit juice. There should be some hours’ gap between meditation and your meal.

I am having post-Covid complications. Will my joining Online Breath Meditation Workshop help me?

Yes, it will help you. Firstly, it will clear your lungs of the remnants of the germs. Secondly, it will energize your body to keep away microbes. Thirdly, it will make your mind strong to remain free from fear and phobia.

Please tell me about the components of the online Breath Meditation course?

Light asanas, active breath practice, passive breath practice, meditation and questionnaire session.  There will be 10 online sessions, 90 minutes each. The masters will be there to guide you at every step.

I would like to know about the benefits of Online Breath Meditation Course.

It will help you handle stressful situations with ease. It will enhance your memory and efficiency in work and life at home. It will bolster your emotional balance.  Moreover, it will help you fight chronic ailments through ensuring tension-free life.

What is the dress code for the Online Breath Meditation Workshop?

You should wear meditation-appropriate dress that is simple and loose. To do meditation, you must have a spirit of renunciation. The dress you will wear should be attuned to it.