Combatting Stress through Meditation

Combatting Stress Through Meditation

Life and stress are now almost synonymous, particularly around this time when we are living under constant stress, from morning to night.  Meditation is the time-tested means of quieting down mind, stress removed.


Stress Difficult to Remove

Meditation Develops Power to Absorb Stress

You cannot rid yourselves of stress normally. Stress is in Universal Nature and being parts of Universal Nature, you cannot live sans stress. Yet you desperately search means to get free from the yoke of stress, for stress robs your life of the savor you crave. While searching, you must finally arrive at meditation which is the best, perhaps the only means, to effectively reduce stress and even to unshackle you from stress.

Even if you are physically strong, you may still be prey to stress. This is because your emotional mind is weak: it is incapable of taking stress in its stride. So, mind must be strengthened. And there is hardly any means as effective as meditation to take you out of stress by strengthening mind to absorb stress.


Whence Stress Comes?

Stop Stress from Stressing You

It is difficult to determine the origin of your stress. It may be coming from your heart where there are hidden layers of suppressed emotions. Or you may have had a traumatic past which surfaces from your subconscious in the form of stress, fear, phobia. Or stress may be coming from your frustration, from recurring failures/rejections in your life, your dream/ambition throttled. Or it may be coming from Universal Nature over which you have no control.

Things may worsen if you keep living in a negative environment, interacting with people who are themselves frustrated and gloomy.

Before you are pushed to the worst situations, you must come out of it through some effective, soothing means. And what can be a better means than meditation, the time-tested means of soothingly destressing mind?


Permanent Solution

Escape No Solution; Combat Stress, Conquer Stress

As stress tires your life, to keep it away, you may go out travelling, trekking, cycling or spending weekends with near and dear ones. These may indeed help you forget stress briefly, but it will resurface again and tire and trouble you.

This is because fleeing stress is no solution. You must conquer stress. Yoga and meditation are the only means which can help you conquer stress from deep inside yourself.


How Meditation Cuts Stress

Heals, Strengthens, Energizes, Balances, Elevates


De-Stresses Mind: 

Recurring stress may compound things for you, leading to serious mental imbalances. So, you should not let stress eat you up.  Meditation is a natural healer for stress. It helps you with a life that remains unstressed despite the reasons of stress remaining present in your life like before. Once you master the art of meditation, stress cannot touch your inner self even if the status of your outer life remains unchanged.

Stimulates Dopamine:   

Dopamine is a “feel good” chemical in your brain. Its role is vital as it, along with some other chemicals, enhances your feeling of happiness.  Meditation boosts your dopamine level, helping you feel good even in situations which are trying, far from conducive to yours feeling good. This may prove a boon for you, happiness never deserting you.

Strengthens Body:

Practice of meditative asanas stabilize and strengthen your body. Sitting immobile in asanas for hours steadies your body and soothes your nerves, removing stiffness from body-joints and helping you feel energized, boosted, strong enough physically to combat stress mentally.

Ensures Balance:

Life without psychological balance may slowly lead you into mental ailments, mild or severe. Frightened, you may rush to psychiatric clinics for psychotherapy. But there is no guarantee that stress will go. Regular practice of meditation naturally and soothingly induces emotional stability by cleaning your mental closet, removing debris, making space for positive emotions to settle in.

Enhances Energy:

Negativity, if indulged in for too long a time, may end up eating up your energy and reduces body’s resistance power. Even mental illness may creep in.  Meditation is the sure means of conserving and enhancing your energy. When your energy is channelized, you may become strong enough to take up daunting challenges of life sportingly.

Connects Consciousness:

When you meditate you feel your awareness is expanding and this progressive expansion of awareness takes you into your Consciousness: your real Self now lying hidden by your surface self. Consciousness remains unperturbed by changing life’s vagaries.  While living in Consciousness, you will be at peace with yourself, with those around you, with all, an unalterable peace remaining your unfailing companion.


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