Satbodh Corporate Yoga Workshops

Enhancing fitness level is not enough; corporate life needs a new center: a yogic center of imperturbable peace and vibrant harmony.

Your Problems; Our Solutions

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Stress comes more from your thoughts than what confronts you in real life

We know what corporate life is like-‘outward smiles and inward screams.’ Henry Kissinger once famously said: “There cannot be a stressful crisis next week. My schedule is already full.” Yes, your schedule is already too full to take in a new crisis. But new stress will come, inexorably, in spite of yourself, and you must sport a smile on your face while screaming inward. Although corporate life can never be devoid of stress coming in endless stream you must manage it better than you are doing now. 

And you can do it only by falling back upon the stress-release techniques and therapies the Indian yogis bequeathed to you long time back, for transmuting stress into opportunity of living a new life grounded in imperturbable calm. We will ensure through corporate yoga workshops tailored to your stressful life that the time-transcending yogic knowledge comes to your aid, helping you feel light, your efficiency undiminished amidst increasing stress, your bandwidth adequately enhanced to accept stress and work as though you are unstressed, regardless of the load of stress and challenges.

Corporate mind must absorb stress

Physical stress-busting not enough

Yoga dares stress, beats stress

This workshop tailored to solve corporate stress

From stress to stress-free innovation

Why Satbodh Corporate Yoga Workshops?

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Decide not to carry stress load and stress will start melting

This is a strange time when we are vulnerable to health uncertainty and job uncertainty with economy seeing a slump post-multiple lockdowns and Covid unpredictability. But you will have to carry on, never allowing your efficiency, productivity and energy to be overwhelmed by stress. But how can it be managed? Not just by de-stressing, unwinding, relaxing but also by discovering a new center of your being and living in it-the center which remains poised in serenity amidst stress, despite stress. 

A little practice of yoga kriyas can help you rise to the daunting corporate challenges, taking stress in its stride, emerging more powerful than stress, turning stressful challenges into opportunities for opening yourself to a new life that is unstressed, living above stress, feeling lightness which loads of stress cannot touch.

Present time is beset with stress

Time to connect a new centre of living

Stress beaten, life wins

Overstressed corporate mind staring at uncertainty

Yoga the key to conquer stress, new-make life

Recurring Covid crisis, quarantine, job loss

Kernel of Satbodh Workshop for Corporate

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Unplug yourself for a while, breathe deeply and start again

Satbodh Foundation is glad to offer you a number of yoga practices as parts of this workshop, ranging from the physical to the meditative, from the static to the dynamic kriyas, from slow to fast breathing, from silencing mind to refilling mind with energies for dynamic actions.  This aside, we have for you therapeutic yoga which will cure you of physical, mental, psychosomatic illness, from the roots, naturally. We will determine the components of the workshop in tune with your needs, both collective and individual, wellness of your whole being taken into account.

All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.”

– Swami Vivekananda

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6 Steps of Satbodh Workshop for Corporate

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Reorganize your life around Peace and Peace will prevail over stress

Modern Science cannot ignore yoga now. The more it is getting into the subtle from the gross, from body to energy, from brain into consciousness it is veering around to what the yogis of ancient India discovered through their complete union with the Divine Consciousness and Divine Dynamism. Corporate mind cannot ignore yogic science either.

For it holds the key to its transformation from stress to joy in work, stress transmuted into unalterable calm, nerves soothed and strengthened to bear stress, brain invigorated for innovation, mind steady to take on challenges. Satbodh Workshop for Corporate is comprehensive, taking into its range the triple dimensions of life-body, mind and soul: going beyond physical yoga and embracing the life-transforming deeper yogas.

From Body to Mind to Consciousness

From Body to Mind to Consciousness

Yoga starts with body: stretching and expanding it with asanas to soften the stiff knots at various points of body. Then it will get into the realm of mind and from mind into Consciousness which is poised in calm, always, untouched by surface stress.
Step 1
Diet & Lifestyle

Diet & Lifestyle

A little change in diet and lifestyle- adapting them to your new life- will take your wellness further and deeper. A healthier diet and life pattern will detoxify your system; impacting your body’s metabolism positively; making your mind stress-free, calm; empowering you to weather corporate storms confidently
Step 4
Breathing for Energy

Breathing for Energy

You must have energy pouring into you from the universe to make you capable of working untouched by stress, giving your best with fullest efficiency. Breathing with awareness connects you to the universe, energizing you, facilitating oxygenation of blood, invigorating brains and nervous system.
Step 2
Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga

Asanas, yogic breathing and silencing mind are principal components of therapeutic management. Asanas empower body to fight chronic diseases. Awareness-filled breathing enhances immunity, boosting the cells which fight invading germs. Meditation silences mind and silent mind bolsters mental health- negativity removed, inner space cleared for positive energies.
Step 5
Static & Dynamic Meditations

Static & Dynamic Meditations

They are powerful tools to connect you to your inner being where the divine power resides: always calm and tranquil, above surface life- pressure. Both together helps you connect the stilled centre of your being, no matter whether you sit motionless or you are in motion.
Step 3
Yogic Counseling

Yogic Counseling

It is a great help for the stress-stricken corporate mind that guides work and life in the directions of understanding, empathy and harmony with all, friction removed. Harmony, when established, brings peace, regenerates life through right conduct, right leadership, right inspiration.
Step 6

Satbodh Workshop for Corporate Packages

Group/ Individual Classes

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Astutely Planned for Your Stressed Corporate Life

6 Days’ Indoor Workshop

Classes will be held in your office for 90 minutes, the time and module to be fixed by you. The number of participants will also be decided by you. We will be there to help you start anew, stress gone.

3 Days’ Outdoor Workshop

This workshop will be held in a spiritually vibrant place. Satbodh will take care of your meals and lodging. It will be a full day workshop and the group should have at least 30 members. You will go back, regenerated, transformed inside out.

Women Special Workshop

All-women workshop should comprise 5 to 30 members. Pregnant women may also participate. We will take care of them. We are well aware of your on-duty problems. We assure our full help in letting you return recharged at all levels-physical, mental and spiritual.

Benefits of Satbodh Workshop for Corporate

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Beginning with stress buster, ending in conquering stress

Though principally a stress-buster workshop, it is a lot more. Aside from helping you de-stress your mind, this corporate workshop will give you a new insight, a new philosophy and a new living: living in rest, always, in the midst of hustle and bustle normal to corporate life-healing, rejuvenating and transforming life that is devoid of stress, friction, conflict, no wearing away, taking all with you, harmonizing your life with others’ lives. 

Far more than mere stress buster

Outlet for pent-up frustration

Freedom from phobia, insecurity

Unplugging and re-plugging

Creating vacuum to be filled with new energies

Transforming inside out

From conflict to harmony

From harmony to peace

From peace to creativity

From creativity to fulfillment

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some of the questions with concise answers the yoga seekers and aspiring ayurveda practitioners may ask.

I need to motivate my team members. But I am stressed myself. So I can’t do it. Will your workshop help me?

Yes, it will help you. This workshop will transform you inside out. You will feel light and charged, a new positive meaning imbuing your life. So you will be in a position to inspire others.

I have had no prior experience of yoga. But I am frightfully stressed while coping with corporate pressures. Can I participate in and derive benefits from your workshop?

Yes, you can. You must come determined to get out of stress and we will take care of the rest.

As I have a busy corporate work schedule can I participate in your workshop at the times of my own choosing?

The workshops (except the therapy workshop) involve group classes. So, let you all fix days and times together that are convenient for all and we will arrange accordingly. But if you need private session we will try to arrange it for you.

I am a woman corporate professional. I have a family to take care of aside from the job stress I am undergoing. Will your all-women workshop help me to have the right work-family balance?

Yes, it will help you a lot. We can understand your problem. We will ensure that you perform your corporate and familial duties perfectly, satisfyingly. You need to negate stress, enjoy your work and continue to look after your family as lovingly as before. You need to be strong, steady as well as flexible. We will take care of that. 

You say consciousness when connected removes stress. But how?

No stress can exist in Consciousness. It is ever poised in calm, peace and harmony. Once you connect Consciousness you will understand what we mean.

I am a corporate professional with lot of responsibility. I need to conquer stress. Will your workshop help me?

Yes, it will. This workshop does not merely comprise stress-relief exercises but it will impact your life deeply. It will train you to live in a new center of yogic calm, above stress, above frictions, in harmony with all working with you and under you.

I hold a high post, but I am an emotional person. My emotional dealing with situations aggravates stress for me and invites annoyance from my boss. Will I overcome this weakness through your workshop?

Yes. This workshop is just not about physical fitness/ mental fitness exercises. It will remold your view of life, thoroughly. It will train you to view life objectively. A balanced view of life is all you need. Emotions are good if they are not divorced from objectivity. Once your view of life is balanced your emotions will be assets for you.

In case we fail to turn up for the workshop due to some emergencies coming up can we avail it later?

Yes, you can. But for that you should inform us at least 24 hours before the scheduled classes to begin. We will then reschedule classes for you.

I suffer from arthritis while some of my colleagues suffer from high BP and diabetes. Besides, we have acute backache while working at our desks for hours on end. Will your therapy workshop help us with some relief?

Yes. Our therapy workshop is meant for that. You will, of course, be benefited from it. We will train you how to do desk-side yogic kriyas which will relieve you of backache. As far as the chronic ailments like arthritis, high BP and diabetes are concerned we have remedies for you.

Can I have private session of your corporate workshop?

Yes if you want it. It may be held at your home, office or any other location you may choose as suitable for you. But it must be a quiet place.  The private sessions would take care of your individual needs and requirements.