Daily Online Yoga Classes

Yoga Alliance USA- affiliated Daily Yoga fits into lifestyle, makes days vibrant, nights restful. Harmonizing body, life and mind with Soul is Yoga. It opens up insights.

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About the program

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Mother Nature Is Our Ultimate Home, Our Refuge, Our Solace

No matter whether you are young or old, wherever you are, you can enjoy and benefit from the Daily Online Yoga Classes, yogic experiences amidst the comforts of your home. They will revitalize your body, mind and soul. The classes will enrich you in myriad ways, enabling you to face headlong the grim challenges posed by Covid-19, confident within, bolstered by impregnable immunity.

Body, mind, soul renewed by yogic kriyas

Unshakable immunity, unfailing health

Life a Daily Experience of Yogic Wellness

Farewell to Fear, Phobia, Panic

Strength in Body, Peace in Mind

Lifestyle Friendly

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Yoga Heals, Yoga Boosts, Yoga Fulfils

Yoga does not disrupt lifestyle. It rather fulfills it, filling your whole day, from waking to retirement, with a deep sense of inner security and peace, verve and vigor, courage and hope.
You will start feeling the magic of yoga-healing and boosting once you join the online daily classes specially designed to make your days dynamic and your nights restful.

Yoga fulfils lifestyle

Fosters inner security, stability

From morning to night

Days are vibrant

Nights are restful

Harmonizing Body, Life and Mind with Soul is Yoga.  It opens up insights, replacing entanglement in bondage of senses.  It means leaving the beaten tracks for a new dimension of life, in health, happiness and inexhaustible energy, in union with soul where the Divine lives.”

– Yogi Simant

Daily Yoga holds the secret of all-round well-being

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From Body to Muscles to Mind, Yoga Works Wonders
Body Made Supple, Energy Transmitted, Mind Quieted
Daily Online Yoga Classes

Energy Flow

Yogic practice removes energy blocks in body, universalizes ego-separated individual life, enhances energy flow and opens Consciousness into higher levels.

Agile Muscles

Yoga makes muscles supple. Flexible muscles are boon for all, especially the sportspersons. It adds to life’s dynamism with the robust body fully cooperating with exacting ventures.

Mind Relaxed

This is another boon of yogic practice, making the ever-restless mind a calm receiver of life’s experiences, bringing freedom from anxiety and resultant insomnia.

Body Invigorated

The body is the base where life and mind play. Yoga vitalizes body, providing it with endless dynamism. It stimulates the yoga practitioners into non-stop activities, sans lethargy.

Blood Circulation

Certain Yogic kriyas prevent blood clots by facilitating healthy circulation of blood throughout the body. Thickening of blood is dangerous. Yoga prevents it.

Online Hatha Yoga Class for 90 Minutes

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Crisis-Ridden World Needs Yoga Therapy
Hatha Yoga Purifies Body, Calms Down Mind
Boosts Immunity, Bolsters Health

Yoga is not just a spiritual journey inward but a powerful tool of natural therapy. Comprising asanas, pranayamas, shatkarma, bandha and mudra supported by meditation, Yoga therapy enhances physical and mental health. 
Hatha yoga practice is conventionally known for its stress-relief exercises. But, while relieving stress and rejuvenating body-mind deeply and naturally, hatha yoga also signifies spiritual fulfillment through body

Some of the Course Components

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Detoxify body, enhance physical vigor

lotus pose


Purify breathing channels naturally

firelog pose


Brings silence in noisy mind


Makes body’s stiff points limp

upward salute pose


Salutation to Sun

Spiritual Fulfillment through Hatha Yoga

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The body being the material base through which the subtle universal energies act, purification of the body is immensely important. It makes the body a supple instrument to receive and absorb the huge inflow of the life and mind energies that seeks to pour in the practitioner as he advances on the path of yoga.


Asanas keep the body static in order that the body gets freed from the restlessness, its inability to receive and absorb the energies coming from the Life Plane of Universal Nature


Meditation establishes a moral control over egoistic nature; focusing mind on a single object for concentration; merging mental consciousness with the Supreme Consciousness

Bandha & Mudra

Bandha & Mudra are locking energy through yogic gestures. Bandha signifies locking action to conserve energy and Mudra enhances our inherent energy which helps expand the range of yogic experiences


Pranayamas mean breathing with awareness. As per the hatha yoga texts, controlling breath is of paramount importunate since breath is the principal power of the body to connect the life energy playing out

Why Satbodh Daily Online Yoga Classes?

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Get Unshakable Health, at Home

Satbodh Yoga School’s Daily Online Yoga Class, affiliated to Yoga Alliance USA, is designed thoughtfully to take yogic health and immunity, transformation and rejuvenation, into the rooms of the students. 
It takes complete care of the people’s needs-not just at the physical level but at the triple levels: body, mind and soul. The introduction of this online daily yoga course is highly beneficial when the people have been grappling with an unprecedented health crisis, peace of life shattered, confidence at its lowest ebb. 
Daily Online Yoga Classes will help the students return to life, bolstered with confidence and hope.

Yogic immunity taken into rooms

Physical, mental, spiritual health

Freedom from fear, phobia

Boosts confidence, fosters hope

Ascent into higher consciousness

Benefits of Daily Online Yoga

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Daily Online Yoga Leads Straight into Vigorous Health

Physical Stability

Physical Stability

Hatha yoga fortifies body with immunity, helps blood reach each cell and revitalizes sick cells. It helps remove exhaustion, boost dynamism.

Therapeutic Uses

Therapeutic Uses

Hatha yoga has its therapeutic uses. Asanas and pranayamas, through balancing wind, acid and mucous, facilitate robust body and peaceful mind.

Consciousness Released

Consciousness Released

Yoga helps Consciousness to get freed from mind. Mental Awareness is not Consciousness. It is outside and above mind.

Immunity Strengthened

Immunity Strengthened

Hatha yoga builds protective walls in body against invading microbes. Circulatory, digestive, excretory systems are strengthened, automatically, enhancing all-round health.

Mental Equilibrium

Mental Equilibrium

Our mind remaining beset with fear with the Corona virus still devastating life, daily online yoga helps driving out negativity by balancing mind.

Nerves Soothed

Nerves Soothed

Fear brings stress. Stress keeps nerves on edge. Frayed nerves keep mind restless. Pranayama soothes nerves and quiets down mind, smoothens makes way for spiritual experiences.

Our Instructors

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Masters Will Mentor Students into Yogic Renewal

Helping the yoga students live with confidence without fear is the motto with which Satbodh instructors have been working. Satbodh team is a rich pool of dedicated, mission-charged yoga masters. They will guide the students lovingly on how to live free from stress, breathe confidently, immunity invigorated, during this time of stupendous health challenges.


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Here are some of the questions with concise answers the yoga seekers and aspiring ayurveda practitioners may ask.

I want to know when I should take my meal after doing yoga?

It is best to take meal three hours after doing yoga. This helps digestion. But you may take something liquid like fruit juice before starting yoga. Satbodh Foundation will provide you with yoga-appropriate foods.

I am a diabetic. I have also high blood pressure problem. Will the online daily yoga help me in reducing or curing these problems?

Yes. It may help you, but you have to continue with the daily yoga classes for three months to get perceptible relief from these health problems.

Will the Daily Online Yoga boost my immunity? My immunity is not strong and so I am vulnerable to diseases.

Yes. Yoga boosts immunity. It helps you with three rings of immunity-physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga works from deep within.

I am having problematic sleep. Will Daily Online Yoga help me with sound sleep at night?

Yes. If your sleep is fitful or erratic daily yoga will help you having restful sleep.  Yoga cures these problems from the deeps, naturally.  Asanas, shodhan kriyas and meditation deepens sleep.

My muscles are stiff. Can Daily Online Yoga help me?

Yes. But for that, you should go through yoga therapy for three months. The yoga masters will train you onscreen on how to make your muscles limp.

Your online yoga course claims to stop negative emotions. But how?

Yes, it does. Yogic kriyas, particularly the shodhan kriyas, can transform negative emotions into positive emotions. It vitalizes body and calms down mind, removing stress. Yoga masters will guide you on how to replace negativity with positivity.

Can practice of shodhan kriya help fight corona virus?

Sudarshan Kriya, which is part of shodhan kriya, is believed to be the most powerful breathing technique. Its practice frees lungs of the disease-causing microbes.  Acute Corona cases involve breathing trouble. Shodhan kriyas keep breathing flow normal.  Further, breathing control techniques boost immunity.

What are the principal physical benefits I can derive from Online Yoga?

There are numerous benefits. Yoga heals muscular disorders, makes the stiff joints limp. It keeps breathing normal by removing hostile bodies from lung and trachea. Breathing techniques bless you remaining stress-free. Yoga induces deep sleep.

Satbodh Packages

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Group/ Individual Daily Online Classes Guided by Yoga Experts for Health and Happiness

Online Daily Yoga for Health & Happiness

Monday to Friday Classes

  • Group classes will be held
  • Five to 20 students to be included in each group
  • There would be 90 minutes’ daily class
  • Question hour will be held every session
  • Class schedule is convenient for all
  • Slots are designed from 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM IST
  • It may be extended as per demand

Online Daily Yoga for Health & Happiness

12 Classes a Month

  • Group classes will be held
  • Five to 20 students to be included in each group
  • There would be 90 minutes’ daily class
  • Question hour will be held every session
  • Class schedule is convenient for all
  • Slots are designed from 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM IST
  • Three classes will be held in one week
  • Twelve classes in a month

Online Daily Yoga for Health & Happiness

Individual Classes

  • There will be only individual classes
  • No group classes will be held
  • Formats vary, depending on requirements of students
  • Question hour will be held every session
  • Class schedule is convenient for all
  • Slots are designed from 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM IST
  • Monday to Friday Classes
  • It may be extended as per demand

Technology Required For Online Course

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Classes to be conducted on Zoom app latest version
Laptop essential for hatha yoga classes

At least 5-6 GB data per day during the course

Broadband internet connection
Good camera & microphone