Diet for Arthritis


Excessive air in body brings arthritis. So, you must eat light to control flatulence. When body secretes uric acid in higher volume than normal it produces burning sensation in your joints. So choose non- acidic food and remember that eating light strengthens your excretory system and helps body expel wastes regularly through urine, sweat and stools.



Well-Balanced Diet

Keep Virus/ Germs Away

Well-balanced diet enhances metabolism of your body and acts as bulwark against invasion of virus and germs. These ease pains in your joints. Avoid red meats and processed foods. Focus more on fruits, vegetables, grains and cereals.  Aside from taking a well-balanced diet, you must live an active life and keep your mind devoid of stress.

  • Elders need to be more alert
  • Must reduce drug dependency
  • Choose wind-controlling food
  • Eat fresh fruits, vegetables
  • Avoid spicy, deeply fried food


Dietary Plan for Arthritis

Easily Digestible Food

If you have excessive air in your body, it means that you are on the threshold of arthritis. So, make sure to eat light and easily digestible food. It controls bloating and flatulence. Fat and carbohydrate–rich heavy foods cause flatulence. Further, you must avoid overeating, keeping your taste buds under control. Instead, eat plenty of seasonal vegetables, fruits, grains and cereals. Your food should have ginger and garlic.

  • Excessive flatulence a bad sign
  • Eat easily digestible food
  • Shun overeating
  • Control body weight
  • Excessive body weight means
  • Excessive pressure on joints
  • Eat vegetable, fruits, grains
  • Cereals, ginger & garlic added

Arthritis is wrongly assumed as an old-age disorder. Even youngsters are vulnerable to it if they are not physically active, consume junk food and sleep inadequately. To keep arthritis at bay, you should drink green tea mixed with lemon grass, but avoid milk tea. Lemon-mixed green tea eases inflammation in the joints and reduces swelling of joints.

  • No longer an old-age disease
  • Youngsters not safe either
  • Live active life, avoid junk food
  • Have adequate rest, sleep
  • Take green tea mixed with lemon


Ideal Daily Diet Chart

Breakfast: Slices of bread (two), curds, apple, few strawberries

Lunch: Chapattis with a vegetable & salad

Evening Snack: Water-soaked almonds

Dinner:  Brown rice with vegetable soup


Fruits & Vegetables

Keep Cholesterol Under Control

Take plenty of citrus fruits like orange. It contains vitamin C which strengthens your bones. Porridge popularly known as “dhaliya” in the Indian subcontinent is beneficial too. It contains easily digestible protein. Dry fruits also help. These are nutritious and keep your cholesterol under control.

  • Fruits like orange helpful for arthritis
  • Have vitamin-C that strengthens bones
  • Dhaliya, Indian porridge, is good, too
  • Dry fruits reduce bone inflammation
  • Check cholesterol, check arthritis


Items to be Added in Your Diet

Highly Beneficial for Arthritis

Garlic & Ginger: These should be added in vegetables and soups. Rich with an important anti-inflammatory compound, these ease pain, inflammation.

Onions: It is mainly used in preparing salad. Besides, it is fairly used as an ingredient in cooking vegetables. Its use is good because it contains aspirin which reduces inflammatory pain in joints.

Turmeric: It is called the king of all spices because of its huge beneficial medicinal qualities.  The curcumin it contains lessens stiffness, pain and swelling in joints. The patients of both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis may be benefitted by taking turmeric daily.

Broccoli: It is healthy diet because it contains sulfrophane which is said to control rheumatic arthritis. You may have it all year round.

Walnuts: It is a nutritious dry fruit rich in omega-3 fatty acid. It not just eases inflammation in joints but alleviates all inflammatory symptoms in joints.

Berries: Rich in vitamins and minerals and easy to digest. These contain antioxidants which reduces inflammations with toxins removed from the cells.

Spinach: It contains fibers, nutrients, vitamins, in profusion. This leafy green vegetable contains antioxidants which combat arthritis by reducing inflammation in joints and muscles.

Semi-skimmed milk: Rich with vitamins and minerals, this help maintain a healthy weight. Further, it contains no fat. But you should not add sugar to it to fully derive its benefits.

Vegetable juices: You should drink garlic-mixed carrot juice during winter months. Lemon mixed lukewarm water also helps control inflammatory pain in joints.


Medicinal Herbs

Reduce Stiffness, Swelling, Pain Naturally

Medicinal herbs are ideal for the arthritis patients. These treat inflammatory arthritis naturally, reduce stiffness and swelling, sans side-effects. Ayurvedic treatment of arthritis recommends specific diet- simple, organic and hygienic food taken in moderation, without overloading stomach. Ayurveda also recommends daily yogasana practice as it helps fast healing.

  • Medicinal herbs highly effective
  • Reduce stiffness, swelling naturally
  • Work on both rheumatoid & osteoarthritis
  • Organic, hygienic foods to be taken
  • Yogasana helps quick healing


Most Common Herbs

Aloe Vera: It is magical herb for treatment of arthritis. You can consume it directly or extract its juice. Its healing properties reduce joint pain, inflammation.

Eucalyptus: The light green leaves of eucalyptus trees are commonly used for easing swelling and inflammation in joints. If you massage your body with eucalyptus oil, it will relieve pain in your joints.

Willow Bark: It is used extensively in treating severe joint pain cases in the traditional Ayurvedic mode of treatment.  You may consume it by mixing it with lukewarm water or herbal tea.


What To Be Avoided?

Control Taste Buds to Control Arthritis

You must be alert or it may be too late. Responding to tempting taste buds may be harmful. When body produces excessive uric acid, it causes or aggravates arthritic complications. So, you need to be extremely alert on your choice of food. Certain food must be avoided to stop arthritic disorders from being compounded. Heavy food which increases cholesterol should be kept out your daily diet as it increases uric acid in body, worsening the inflammatory pain in joints.

Foodstuffs to be strictly avoided:

Fatty, oily food

Junk food

Red meat

High-fat dairy products

Heavy spicy food

Alcohol & tobacco

Sweets & pastries



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