Life Is Adventure of Consciousness, Towards the Full through Self-Realization

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Life generally begins and ends in the same dimension, going round in circles, enmeshed with bondage, from birth to death. Life in the real sense begins when one climbs out of this self-limitation imposed on the illimitable Soul, seeking the Infinite and the Eternal, casting aside the ephemeral and the temporal. Yogi Simant left the beaten paths in search of a new dimension of life.  Quite early in life, he realized the futility of the nature-driven life. He strove to get into the soul-illuminated life where the Divine Light glows undimmed. By divine grace, he met a guru who tuned his mind to the sublime silence of the inner world. Searching a less-trodden path of yoga, he underwent yoga practice at reputed Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (Haridwar).

Hatha Yoga with arrays of transformational asanas and pranayamas is his forte, though he can switch over to higher forms of yoga with élan and ease. A spiritual orator gifted with an inimitable style and well-versed in the nuances of the multi-branched yogic science, he loves to speak directly from his heart to those who embark on the inner adventure, explaining yoga, meditation and spirituality and their relevance in contemporary time with an unparalleled lucidity and depth. He is more a loving guide than a strict instructor, more a friend than a teacher. He believes in inspiring his students to discover the divine potential lying veiled in them. He just stirs the will in the seekers to unveil that divine potential all by themselves. He is convinced through his meditative experiences that one need not turn away from life to do yoga. Yoga embraces life; all life ought to be yoga, all material pursuits transformed in yoga.

Founder message

Founder Message

“Everyone will be transfigured by the Light of the Divine Knowledge and Truth. For the Divine, there are no rich and poor, saints and sinners, Brahmins and Outcasts. All are children of the Divine Mother.”

Yogi Simant

– Founder

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