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Multidimensional Empowerment of Students

Building Global Community: Taking Activities Worldwide

Satbodh Foundation has introduced one to six months’ Internship program to build strong, warm and long-lasting bond with all its students. Students come and then go after the courses are over. But we want them to remain associated with us after the completion of their courses.

Why? Because we long to build a global community of the yoga-enlightened and the yoga aspirants so that the message of yoga and yogic life spreads across the world. We hope that the yoga-transformed and yoga-seeking souls from across the world will congregate under our umbrella-the Satbodh umbrella-and propagate yoga among humanity at large, passionately, honestly, and lovingly.

So, come, join us and be a part of the change we aspire for. Let us bond together on our shared transformational yogic mission and give our heart and soul to it.

  • Let us build a global yoga community
  • Under Satbodh Brotherhood
  • And take yoga to the entire humanity
  • Beyond country, creed, culture
  • We aspire for a strong bonding
  • With you on our shared yogic mission

Empowerment by Sharing Career Opportunities

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We need volunteers; we need yoga missionaries; we need big-hearted, public-spirited workers. There are opportunities galore for you. Make use of these opportunities and realize your full potential.

You may choose to be yoga teachers/ yoga trainers and orators and we will provide you with honorariums for your service. You may choose to work as administrators/executors, running different branches of our institution. We will provide you with honorariums along with residential and food service facilities.  You may choose to open your own yoga schools on our franchise in your own country or anywhere in the world and we will provide you with the required certificates and you may use our yoga syllabus, too. And you may choose to work in our social projects meant for rural uplifting: teaching village children and empowering village women.  

  • Satbodh eager to share career opportunities
  • With students, yoga aspirants/enthusiasts
  • An array of opportunities available
  • As yoga instructors, orators, administrators
  • As administrators, you will execute projects
  • Run institutes, recruit staffers, manage finances
  • You will be provided with honorariums &
  • Residential & food service facilities among others
  • You may open yoga schools on our franchise
  • We will provide you with certificates, training
  • And our complete yoga syllabus for your use
  • You may engage in our rural rejuvenation projects
  • Teaching village children & empowering village women
  • Satbodh Foundation pledges to provide you
  • With all required facilities with honorariums

Willing for Volunteering Internship?

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You may also opt for our volunteering internship. Under this, you may serve the unprivileged people or you may help us in yoga activities/administration or in anything where you are skilled, absolutely of your own free will, answering your soul’s calling. 

  • You may opt for Satbodh
  • Volunteering internship
  • Assisting in yoga service
  • Or working in villages
  • Free involvement
  • No entanglement

Yoga Volunteering

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This is an opportunity for you to learn yoga and then voluntarily help us in running our yoga institute admiratively or as yoga teachers/trainers or orators. In accordance with your specific skills and proclivity, we will engage you in yoga-related voluntary service network.

  • You may get voluntarily
  • Associated with us in
  • The vast yoga fields
  • As administrators, teachers,
  • Trainers, orators as per your skills
  • Under non-binding understanding

Social Service Volunteering

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You may also avail our social service volunteering if this is what your heart calls you to do. This is a vast field too as we are working on self-sustainability of the rural community. You may choose health, child education, environment and women empowerment as per your skill and bent.

  • You may choose
  • Voluntary service
  • In social uplifting projects
  • Health, education, environment
  • Women Empowerment
  • Are some of your fields