Satbodh Rules & Regulations To Be Followed For Productive, Hassle-Free Classes

  1. Students must deal with one another and staff members respectfully
  2. Electronic gadgets like laptops & tablets are not to be used during lectures
  3. Students must wear only yoga dresses to be provided by Satbodh Yoga School
  4. After classes, students ought to jot down their own experiences for speedy yogic progress



There must be some minimum eligibility for the applicants to fulfill. This is to ensure that there is no hiccup midway which might disturb the smooth continuance of the course.


What Are Expected of the Trainees?

  • Participants must ensure before enrolling that there would be no problem regarding tourist visa clearance
  • They must be in perfect health-physical, mental and emotional
  • If they have any disease-physical or mental-they should inform the management prior to enrollment
  • They should carry either a certificate of complete vaccination of both doses, or carry a negative RT-PCR Certificate of last 72 hours
  • They should refrain from doing anything that may disturb classes
  • If they have a problem, they should immediately consult the group master and he or she will sort out the same.