7 Days’ Sat Chit kriya in Rishikesh

Satbodh 7 Days’ Sat-Chit Kriya is a specially designed course focused on unfolding Consciousness-petal by petal-ending stress, new-making life in union with the Divine. 

Satbodh 7 Days’ Sat-Chit Kriya

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Satbodh 7 Days’ Sat-Chit Kriya is Consciousness-oriented, meant for those who are living under stress with Consciousness lying veiled- separated from their true selves, from the Divine. They are terribly insecure of the present, worrying about future. In the Divine and in the Divine alone, you can find peace, protection, security, and you can connect to the Divine only when your Consciousness is unveiled, emancipated from the meshes of superficial mental awareness. Enroll now for the best authentic Sat Chit Kriya in Rishikesh.


Sat is True Existence, independent of death-bound ego-existence. Eternal Existence unbounded by name and form, time and space- ever-existent, birthless, deathless.


Ananda is Divine Ecstasy. Sat and Chit when discovered, Ecstasy comes. No birth, no death, no fear, no bondage to the finite. Pure Bliss in Pure Existence and Pure Consciousness.


Divine is the final Truth of all existences. Connecting to the Divine and living in the Divine is the final Consummation of human life.

Life Fulfilled

Discovering Sat-Chit-Ananda in ourselves is the supreme goal of our life. The Divine is dwelling inside us, awaiting our exploration and discovery.


Chit is Consciousness: pure and unalloyed by ephemeral ego-awareness. Now veiled by mind, Chit is the inmost core of our being, ever-united with the Divine. 

Complete Self

When Sat-Chit-Ananda manifests in us, we become Complete Self in the Divine Oneness- no division, no disharmony, no friction-only Divine Love all-embracing.

Divine Living

The Divine when found in ourselves ushers in the Divine Life-the life lived in the Divine, with the Divine, for the Divine.

Self Unveiled, Tension Gone

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Why Stressed?

Live in Self & Ease Out Stress

This kriya has been firmed up specially to give you relief from tension and stress haunting you day in and day out with no escape, no way out. For you are living unconnected with your Real Self, your Deeper Self. You are not even aware of its existence, being entangled in your surface self. Once you find your Deeper Self and get connected to it, you will find the Divine. For Consciousness is Divine. 

  • Sat-Chit Kriyas help you connect to your Deeper Self
  • Deeper Self then gets connected to Consciousness
  • Consciousness bridges Divine Self, removing ego-self
  • Consciousness, unveiled, ends all tension, stress
  • Tension-free life ensures health, harmony, success

Celebrate Life in Consciousness

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Consciousness Is Pure Joy; So, Fear Can’t Exist

Sat-Chit Kriya will help you live anew, life becoming joy, joy becoming Bliss, no fear gnawing at you, life transformed into celebration safely anchored in Consciousness, in the Divine.  

  • Sat-Chit kriya new-makes life
  • Life becomes joy, then Bliss, Ecstasy
  • You will celebrate life, every moment
  • Safely anchored in your Consciousness
  • Divine Protection enfolding you

Sat-Chiit Defined

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Union with Divine is nothing but uniting with your deepest Consciousness

‘Sat’ and ‘Chit’ are Vedic terms, the fulcrum of Upanishadic philosophy. When Sat and Chit are conjoined to Ananda, Satchitananda reveals itself as the Complete Self: eternally existent, eternally conscious, eternally blissful.

Sat Chit Kriya in Rishikesh

What Is ‘Sat’?

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Meditation Is Concentration on Pure Existence

Sat is the plane of True Existence. We, the humans, live in the ego and this is not the true existence. Ego-existence is rather a distorted expression of the True Existence. We hardly realize that we are not slaves of time but we are Eternal Existence, beyond time.  Sat signifies this True Existence: timeless, eternally existent, above the cycle of Karma, birth and death.

Sat is True Existence, not ego-existence

Ego-existence is slave of time, perishes

Sat is Eternal Existence, beyond birth, death

Chiit represents the plane of Consciousness, the Supreme Consciousness, above gross body awareness, above ephemeral life awareness, above superficial mind awareness. Divorced from Consciousness, we live in Ignorance, under limitation, under bondage to transient, sense-governed life.

What Is ‘Chit’?

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Meditation Awakens Pure Consciousness

Chit represents the plane of Consciousness, the Supreme Consciousness, above gross body awareness, above ephemeral life awareness, above superficial mind awareness. Divorced from Consciousness, we live in Ignorance, under limitation, under bondage to transient, sense-governed life.

Chiit is Consciousness, above gross awareness

Consciousness liberates from ego-centered narrow existence

Life is Ignorance when divorced from Consciousness


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Meditation Is a State of Inner Wakefulness: Existence-Consciousness-Bliss

When Sat-Chit manifests in us, in its pure form, we start realizing that we are Eternal Bliss in pure Existence and Consciousness. Once we realize this Trinity, our life becomes one with the Universe- separating ego-wall dissolved-dancing in the Bliss of Oneness, Bliss of Love, Bliss of Timelessness, Bliss of Eternal Existence in the Supreme One.

Satchiitananda is Pure Bliss, not happiness or sense-pleasure

Pure Existence & Consciousness consummate into Divine Bliss

Divine Bliss is Divine Love, Bliss of Eternity, Infinity, Oneness of All

“Sat-Chit-Ananda Himself is the guru. If a man as a guru awakens your spiritual consciousness, it is Sat-Chit-Ananda Himself who has taken up that form.”

– Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsha

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Limitations of Western Mind

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The highest must be known before the lowest is analyzed

There is no denying the fact that the West has progressed wonderfully since the time of Freud and Jung into the realm of the subconscious-the dark, hidden reality of ours- which controls us without our knowing that we are being controlled. However, the West has steered clear of the Super-Conscious reality, taking it as a fantasy of mind, an illusion or delusion. But India has been believing since the hoary Vedic time that the Super-Conscient, not the sub-conscient, is the true foundation of life. 

The complete knowledge of life cannot be acquired if your focus is trained on the dark realm of existence: the obscure plane of the vital/ physical instincts, blind impulses and habits, lust and desires of flesh. You will begin to understand the real crux of life when you turn our focus away from the subterranean layers, the subliminal self and train it instead on what lies above: eternally radiant with the Divine Light, the All-Transforming Light, the Light that dispels darkness and makes existence and consciousness (SatChiit) dancing in the Divine Bliss (Ananda).

“Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought.” 

– T S Eliot

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Core of Sat Chit Kriya in Rishikesh

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There is no joy in the finite; there is joy only in the Infinite (Upanishads)

Sat-Chiit Kriya as part of complete yogic transformation is the process through which you can find the True Existence and True Consciousness on way to realizing the True Bliss. However, one thing must be made clear to you here. This yogic course can lead you into the realms of Pure Existence and Pure Consciousness. These kriyas involve intense purification to emancipate you from your bondage to limited physical-vital-mental awareness and transport you into the realm of Pure Existence and Pure Consciousness. 

Beyond them lie the infinite ranges of the spiritual experiences that finally consummate into Bliss. You must find and connect these ranges all by yourself, going upward and inward, guided by the Divine, the real Guru of life, who lives seated in yourself, ever -ready to take your hands and lead you into the inexpressible realm of Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.

7 Highly Efficacious Steps Designed for You

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Surrender, Aspiration, Purification: Steps to Self-Realization


You cannot progress in yoga unless you surrender yourself completely to the Divine forces. Total Surrender is the sine qua non, the indispensable step.

Static Breathing Kriya

This kriya will help you control physical restlessness that keeps you away from the still center of your being, keeping you slave to the mad motions of life.


Noise is illusion and silence, Truth. Silence is eloquent, filled with wisdom. The more you are silent the more you will hear the Divine Voice.

Mantra Chanting

Chanting power-charged mantras will transform your vital energy into Divine Energy, liberating you from the traps of lower forces.


When you silence your mind, your normal awareness will become the Divine Consciousness- Eternal, Infinite, embracing the All in One.

Dynamic Breathing Kriya

Your dynamism is led by blind instincts and passions. Dynamic Breathing Kriyas will lead you into Divine Dynamism, breaking the ego-mold.  


Bliss is the consummation of evolutionary Consciousness. What you sense as happiness is the starting point of the infinite layers of Divine Bliss.

Breathing Techniques Unlock Hidden Energy

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Transform Existence, Expand Consciousness, Stir Bliss


Yogic breathing techniques are high-powered tools which will free you from your slavery to body and expand your consciousness- ego-consciousness melting into Cosmic Consciousness. This is meditative breathing, breathing not just through nose and mouth but breathing with the whole of your existence. It transforms your ephemeral life into eternal life; your body-entangled consciousness into the Infinite Consciousness; your hunt for sensory pleasures into attainment of self-existent Bliss: free, unconditioned, unalterable.

Breath Is Your Life

Breath Is Your Life

The contour of life changes with time, through the vicissitudes of life, but you can never stop breathing. It is a spontaneous, mechanical process which goes on as long as you live in your body. Once breath stops you are gone, physically. Breath connects universal life to body, the soul’s physical frame. Even when you are comatose, terminally ill, on the verge of death breath still goes on. Breath going off is death, dissolution of life in the universal life. So, breath is life, the only constant in life without which you are nowhere, physically.
Breath Can Divinize Life

Breath Can Divinize Life

Breathing is normally a physical process, but it can be divinized by yoga. You are not just your physical frame with a mind. You have the universe living in you. You are a part of universal life or you are universal life itself. So, breath, which keeps your separate existence for limited time, can bridge you to the Universal Existence in timeless time when it becomes yogic breath. Once you get merged in Cosmic Consciousness, you begin to live in the Blissful Present- no past, no future- eternally existent in the Pure Consciousness- Sat-Chit.

Embracing Life from a Calm, Stable Center

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True Consciousness Is Calm & Tranquil in All Circumstances

Life is a becoming, growing, learning. Life, ever- moving, fortunes ever-changing, teaches you a paramount lesson: you must learn to be calm within to face the life without. This is what Gita teaches-equanimity of mind: stable and steady to take all experiences in the same spirit of spiritual detachment. This is where Consciousness comes. We cannot be equanimous unless Consciousness is disentangled from mind. Life can never be a high constant.

You must face challenges and soldier on despite life testing you severely. This you can do only when you are transformed inside out, mind transformed into Consciousness: deep, calm, stable, viewing life as a witness, doing things needful from the plane of Consciousness, unmoved, though vibrantly dynamic in life.

  • Life changes; fortune changes
  • Life is unending spiritual evolution
  • Life grows, life learns, life progresses
  • Life teaches you to remain calm, in all situations
  • Stability of being comes from Consciousness
  • Mind is ever- unstable; Consciousness, ever- stable
  • Consciousness is untouched by life’s vicissitudes

Satbodh Philosophy behind Sat-Chit Kriya

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Pure Consciousness Reconciles all Divisions

Satbodh believes in wholeness of the being in pure Consciousness. Consciousness is One, Indivisible. All divisions, all schisms of human personality- physical, vital (life), mental- are reconciled in pure Consciousness. So, what you need to do is to unveil this Consciousness hidden behind your superficial self and to grow into the likeness of the Divine-One and Indivisible.

  1. Pure Consciousness is Wholeness
  2. All parts are reconciled In Wholeness
  3. Consciousness must be liberated from mind
  4. Consciousness, unveiled, leads into Silence
  5. From Silence springs Bliss of Pure Existence

“There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people’s book and write your own.”

– Albert Einstein

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Diet Attuned to Course Format

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Right Diet Purifies, Prepares

This course is a serious one involving purification and preparations. In sync with the magnitude of this course, diets would be prepared for you in consultation with the yoga masters and dieticians. Different diets will be served on different days, in tune with the progress of the course. You will be served juices, fruits, boiled vegetables, cereals and salads and even normal diet. You may even be allowed to go on fast for a day.

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