7-Day Online Shodhan Kriya Workshop

Practice of Shodhan Kriya daily may yield magical results in fighting lung congestion and breathing complications, now parts of our Corona-infested life. This yogic science is Nature’s boon to mankind, now grappling with acute respiratory syndrome and quarantine.

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About the program

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90 Minutes Daily for 7 Days: Enjoy Purification by Breathing Kriyas

Shodhan Kriya Workshop Classes would be held for 90 minutes in a day. Of the scheduled class time, 45 minutes would be devoted to the learning of purification through breathing. Twenty minutes would be devoted to nadi suddhi kriya or purification techniques involving subtle energy channels of body.  Fifteen minutes would be devoted to chanting of OHM and the rest 20 minutes would be kept for praying and surrendering to the Divine Force in silence.

7-day online course

90 minutes class a day

15 minutes for OHM chanting

45 minutes for purification by breathing

20 minutes for surrendering in prayerful silence

20 minutes for purification of energy channels

What Are Shodhan Kriya & Nadi Suddhi?

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Both Combined Cleanse Energy Channels in Body

The Sanskrit word ‘Shodhan’ means inner purification and ‘Kriya’ means acting consciously. ‘Shodhan Kriya’ means in yogic science certain acts of inner cleansing through breathing rhythmically and consciously.  
Nadi’ is another Sanskrit word and it means body’s subtle energy channels. ‘Suddhi’ means purification through certain techniques. ‘Nadi Suddhi’ signifies cleansing of body’s energy channels through breathing techniques.  It, when rightly practiced, relieves stress and tension, swiftly and naturally.

Shodhan kriya & nadi suddhi are related

These kriyas balance breathing

They cool brain nerves

Allow oxygen to flow freely throughout body

Energy channels when sanitized clear passage to universal life forces

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Inhale Health, Exhale Fear

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Mindful Breathing Clears Energy Blockages
Dynamizes Life, Removes Fear

Breath, when controlled, balanced and conscious, holds immense importance for good health. For breath is the principal power of the body to connect to the universal life energy playing out. The yogic breathing clears the blockage, making way for the life energy move freely up in body, felicitating robust health. Further, inhalation and exhalation when consciously controlled calm down the normally restless mind. Shodhan Kriya is supposed to be a double gift.

First, it completes the purification of the physical/mental frame and then, combined with meditation, it knocks up the supernormal, spiritual powers hidden in us, sleeping coiled, serpent-like. These powers when uncoiled help us connect to the Divine Consciousness, breaking the normal molds of human consciousness.

Shodhan Kriya vis-à-vis Covid-19

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Goodbye to Quarantine
Breathe Fully, Consciously
Live sans Fear, Tension

This is a time of grave crisis, health crisis begetting insecurity, anxiety and even panic. Respiratory distress is adding up to the fear, our lungs clogged with the dreaded microbes, making us gasp. We are being rushed to hospitals and forced to stay there for days in complete isolation from our homes, our near and dear ones, away from our work. Or we are staying home, safe though quarantined, sequestered from life and work.

However, compassionate Mother Nature holds keeps the solution of this grim human predicament in her loving bosom: the solution that is inside us, in the body mechanism. Practice of the breathing purification kriyas for half an hour daily can give us the eagerly awaited respite from the recurring respiratory syndromes, hospitalization and quarantine. 

Shodhan Kriya Workshop

We are now grappling with respiratory trouble

Shodhan Kriya Workshop

Rushed to hospitals on emergencies

Shodhan Kriya Workshop

Or choosing home quarantine for safety

Shodhan Kriya Workshop

Nature holds solution in her bosom

Shodhan Kriya Workshop

Relief through science of shodhan kriyas

Shodhan kriya: High-Powered Breathing Technique

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Yogic Breathing Enhances Health,
Ends Breathing Distress Naturally

Breathing techniques, when rightly practiced, release stress, vitalize body, calm down mind and enhance functions of body organs. It is now the time for us, given the persistent health crisis and breathing distress, to understand the deep connection between the body-life-mind complex and balanced breathing and how the latter can empower the former with a little effort. 

Steps of Shodhan Kriya:

These four steps must be repeated thrice at a time.

Step 1

Step 1

Drawing in air deeply though slowly
Direction Arrows
Step 2

Step 2

Holding the air in the lung, lung expanding, air passages opening
Direction Arrows
Step 3

Step 3

Exhaling the air slowly and deeply through mouth
Direction Arrows
Step 4

Step 4

Holding the lung empty of air

Benefits of Shodhan Kriya Workshop

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From Body to Mind to Soul Healing & Fulfilling

Benefits of Shodhan Kriya are numerous. Aside from strengthening body and boosting energy, it removes microbes, building an impregnable protective wall against invasion of germs. By calming down mind, it leads one into the Soul -Consciousness, into deeper spiritual experiences, progressively.

Bolstering body with strength

Removing microbes from body

Boosting energy, eliminating stress

Building strong wall against invading germs

Helping the body fight chronic diseases

Leading one into spiritual fulfillment

Quieting down mind, strengthening emotional balance

Helping one to move inside, to connect Consciousness

Why Online Program?

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Emancipation from Corona Constriction 
Receiving Yogic Healing at Home

This is a difficult time for all of us: time of the unprecedented global pandemic. Our wings are as though clipped. We are robbed of our freedom of movement. We have been living sequestered, quarantined, cloistered in spite of ourselves. We always fear lest we are infected with the dreaded virus. 

Developing invincible inner immunity through transforming life from deep within is the only way-out of this severely testing time.

Keeping the people’s predicament in view, Satbodh Foundation envisaged and then introduced its Online 7-Day Shodhan Kriya Program, to give relief, to help people live fully, fearlessly. 

You will learn how to regenerate your life from within, through the practice of Shodhan Kriya while sitting in your room, sans hassles of movement, on screen. The Satbodh masters will be there to lovingly guide and motivate you for rejuvenation of your life through practice of this efficacious, time-tested yogic kriyas.

Modern Science is now veering around to the ancient yogic view that balanced breathing purifies body and mind. The yogis of the olden days handed to us the breathing science of shodhan kriyas. Now, in this crisis time, we should fall back upon the infallible yogic wisdom.”
– Yogi Simant


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Here are some of the questions with concise answers the yoga seekers and aspiring ayurveda practitioners may ask.

What is online shodhan kriya?

Shodhan kriya or purification by breathing is a powerful breathing technique with numerous benefits. It includes Sudarshan Kriya which is rich with breathing benefits.

What are the benefits of shodhan kriya practice?

Shodhan kriya balances breathing, allowing oxygen flow freely through the body.  It also clears energy channels to let the life forces enter body. It starts with breathing slowly and deeply. Breathing becomes faster with time. It releases stress, calms body and mind, enhances functions of body’s organs.

What are the steps of shodhan kriya? Are they difficult to learn for a yoga beginner?

Not at all. You can learn it easily under the masters’ guidance. 

Steps are:

1. Drawing in the air deeply though slowly
2. Holding the air in the lung
3. Exhaling the air slowly and deeply through mouth
4. Keeping the lung empty. These steps must be repeated thrice at a time

Can shodhan kriya solve my breathing unease? I have recovered from Covid-19 a month ago.

Practice of the breathing purification kriyas for half an hour daily can give you respite from the recurring breathing complications, naturally.  They allow oxygen to flow freely throughout your body. Your lungs will thus get more oxygen. They keep your lung stable to keep your breathing normally rhythmic.

Can shodhan kriya help me with sound sleep? My sleep is fitful.

Yes.  Shodhan kriya purifies body, removes fatigue, helps digestion. So, you may get restful sleep by its practice.

Since I recovered from Covid-19 attack, I am having negative emotions flooding me. Can shodhan kriya relieve me of this?

Yes. It would relieve you of the negative emotions.  It is a powerful breathing technique known for ages to inculcate positive living in the practitioners.

What is the format for this online course?

It is 7-day online course with 90 minutes’ class a day. It is a complete course for purification of body and mind through balanced breathing.

Is good attendance required for receiving certificates?

Yes. Yoga Alliance USA will hand you the certificates on the course’s completion. It considers attendance seriously. So you must be very serious about attendance.