Silence Meditation

Silence Meditation

Mind when silent becomes the base where true knowledge descends from above. Silence of mind signifies freedom from the surface thought waves. The Silence Meditation that leads into thoughtless silence of mind helps you connect your true Consciousness where you will hear the Divine Voice: pure and clear, coming from the Divine Silence.



Beyond Mind, Above Mind

Silence of Mind Imperative for Unveiling Consciousness

You need not fear silence of mind. Silence of mind alone can enable you to separate your inner being, the Purusha – always calm, strong and steady- from your outer being, the Prakriti– always restless, unsatisfied, craving newer and newer egoistic, sense pleasures, loving to wallow in the surface mire of life which can never satisfy your inner being.

The Western mind, enamored of intellectual activity, considers mind as the highest capacity of human species and so, it frowns upon the silence of mind as an obstacle to the continuous unfolding of the mental power.

But, according to Indian Spiritualism, mind, though an important element of human evolution, must be exceeded for true knowledge. A time comes for an individual at a certain crossroad of his upward spiritual evolution when he feels he must connect something deeper than mind for peace and knowledge which mind cannot give. And from there the process of silencing mind to connect the inner Consciousness begins.


Resistance of Mechanical Mind

Consciousness Takes Time to Settle

Mechanical mind resists efforts at silence. It loves to continue with its ceaseless thought activities. So, Silence Meditation must be practiced persistently to overcome the resistance. Initially, the habitual thoughts may invade the silence of mind and pull it down to its normal feverish activities. This is an inevitable process.

It is, however, most unlikely that the silent condition of mind will be securely established at once. It may take time. But if you persist, inner silence will grow and deepen. Progressively, the inner Consciousness would become an enduring reality and then you will find it difficult to remain long in your surface consciousness.


Inner & Outer Silence

Creative Silence & Divine Silence

You must understand the differences between inner and outer silences if you are to progress in Silence Meditation.

Outer silence means focusing the mind on a particular subject, all your thoughts focused on it. A writer or a poet or those engaged in creative activities know the art of focusing their mind on a particular subject. Through that focused mind, they churn out their creativity.

But inner silence is different. It is transformative: calming and silencing the mind completely so that mind becomes void of all thoughts. It then becomes a convenient vehicle to take you into the Divine Consciousness. Divine Consciousness is always silent. In the oceanic Silence of the Divine, the life-waves appear and disappear, the Silence remaining Silence.



Cosmic & Transcendental Consciousness

First of all, you must aspire intensely for the silence of mind from the deeps of your being and to attain it, you must be persistent in your practice of Silence Meditation. You must switch off the surface mind to get freedom from your mind’s thought whirls. Initially, half an hour’s daily practice will suffice. Then, slowly, the duration will increase.

For practice in the beginning, you may lock yourself up in a room, your mobile phone and other gadgets switched off.  To stop outer distraction, you may keep your meditation room dark or you may use eye-shades. You may also put cotton balls into your ears to completely focus on silence.

Slowly through practice, you will feel Peace descending on your mental space. Your consciousness will progressively expand as the descending Peace deepens. You will then feel as though your ego-mind is melting into the Cosmic Mind and as the process progresses, you will feel like you are above the cosmic play limited by time and space. You will then become universal and transcendent at once.

A time will come when you cannot any longer live in your ego-constricted awareness and then your Silence Meditation will become spontaneous, an imperative for your new existence.


Practical Benefits

Transforming Dynamic Life

As said earlier, Silence Meditation is transformational: it will transform you inside out. The goal of Silence Meditation is not to push you into static silence. It will rather transform your dynamic being wonderfully.

Your speech stems from your superficial nature. Engaging in too much speech results in wastage of your energy as you talk more and listen less. It often creates problems as you are impatient of others’ views, aggressive and pushy. It harms your interpersonal communication.

Through practicing Silence Meditation, you will progressively have infinite patience as your mind remains steeped in Knowledge, liberated from egoistic Ignorance. Controlling speech will help store your energy for dynamic activities.


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