Yoga for Weight Loss

yoga for weight loss

Overweight is not conducive to good health. It increases blood sugar level, blood pressure, stress on joints/bones and pressure on heart, all harmful and even dangerous. So, you must lose weight. But diet control and brisk walks being not enough, you must adopt a new lifestyle to keep your weight perpetually under healthy control. 

Hatha Yoga is a health-enhancing ancient science. Asanas and pranayamas may help you have a well-shaped body with the right weight being maintained all through. Yoga helps in shedding extra pounds without stressing and tiring you.” Yogi Simant


Yoga Best Option

No Risk for Health 

If you are craving an agile, supple physique you have multiple choices before you. But going for artificial methods to shed weight may cram you eventually. It is fraught with health risks, too.  Yoga is the only option that can help you meet the desired objective in a most soothing and natural way, with no risk for health. 

  • All want agile, supple body
  • For this, weight must be reduced
  • Artificial weight reduction methods
  •  Involve serious health risks
  • Yoga helps losing weight naturally 

What you are to do is to choose a convenient place and time and do some twisting, turning, bending. And you will see the results soon enough. Asanas and pranayamas burn calories and remove toxins from your body without making you feel exhausted. These rejuvenate you internally sans any feeling of stress.  These not just make your body nimble and supple with extra pounds being shed but also boost your confidence level and motivate you to work tirelessly to chase and fulfill your life’s dreams.  

  • Reduces weight, sans side-effects
  • Burns calories without tiring you  
  • Improves body metabolism 
  • Makes you energetic, agile
  • Helps in having lithe physique  


Hatha Yoga: Wight Reduction Management 

Benefits Physically & Spiritually 

Hatha Yoga has myriad benefits, principally physical and secondarily spiritual. Weight reduction is its paramount benefit. Asanas/pranayamas-essential components of Hatha Yoga- reduce stiffness and tiredness in body as well burn calories and reduce weight, naturally. 

We have selected some weight-reducing asanas and pranayamas for you: 


Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar): This is a dynamic yogasan dedicated to the Sun God.  Comprising both backward-bending and forward-bending asanas, it improves cardiovascular movement and blood circulation, helping you shed extra pounds from your tummy and abdomen.     

Paschimottanasana (Back Stretching Pose): It is an efficacious asana for removing excess weight from belly and hip and making the muscles supple. It not just burns calories and reduces weight but also tones your abdomen and pelvis in an amazing way. 

Dhanursana (Bow Pose): It is considered one of the best of the yogic poses as it restores regularity in your digestive and excretory systems and tightens your leg muscles. It melts extra fat around the abdominal region of your body.     

Halasana (Plough Pose): It is an immensely effective pose that frees you from persistent constipation as it stimulates your digestive and excretory organs. Easy to learn, it positively impacts your metabolism and helps in weight reduction.  

Trikona Asana (Triangle Pose): It benefits health spectacularly as it helps reduce extra weight from your waist and tummy.  If you regularly practice triangle pose at some fixed hours of the day you will see how it reduces waistline fat within a few weeks. 

Tada Asana (Palm Tree Pose): Its unique feature is that it burns calories when you relax. It involves equal distribution of weight from top to toe while improving blood circulation and enhancing your look. 

Marijariasana (Cat Stretch Pose): It is so named because it is a relaxing stretching pose resembling the same which cats practice after a nap. This relaxing pose you can practice anywhere and at any time. While removing stiffness from lower legs, it shapes your abdomen rightly and makes your mind alert and active.

Vyaghraasana (Tiger Pose): This pose is highly beneficial as it gives you athletic suppleness, strength and stamina, characteristic of big cats.  It not just tones up your back muscles by opening up all blockages but reduces bulging muscles around your abdomen.                


Pranayama is awareness-filled balanced breathing. Let us explain. When breath flows equally from both nostrils this is called balanced breathing and when you put your awareness into your inhalation and exhalation the breathing becomes pranayama. Some pranayama kriyas facilitate weight management while removing toxins from your body. Toxins cause surplus weight and surplus weight invites lethargy and diseases.  

Kapalbhati Pranayama: It involves active inhalation and passive exhalation. This soothes nerves. It is extremely efficacious weight management yoga.       

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama: It also removes toxins from body and subsequently helps in weight reduction. Plus, it removes the subtle blockages to help “prana” or life energy sweep in, filling you with vigor by internal purification. 

Bhastrika Pranayama: The rhythmic inhalation and exhalation removes the unwanted gases from your respiratory channels. It eliminates waste and toxins while stimulating the metabolic rate. Weight naturally reduced, it fills you with unending energy and vigor.    


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