Our Team Members at Satbodh Foundation

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Romit Bagchi Journalist & Writer

A Bengali, Romit Bagchi spent his school days in Santiniketan, the ashram founded by Rabindranath Tagore. He joined The Statesman, one of the oldest English dailies of India, in 2007. He was the bureau- in- charge of the north Bengal and Sikkim edition of the paper for some years. He then became its chief sub-editor, posted in Calcutta. But his love for the Himalayas made him come to Uttarakhand with a job for The Pioneer, another old English daily of India. 

He worked for five years as the editorial- in-charge of the Dehradun bureau of its Uttarakhand edition. His first book “Gorkhaland: Crisis of Statehood” was published by Sage India in 2012. His first fiction “Deathless: Tales from the Supernatural” was published by Culture Cult Press Calcutta in 2021. From a family which gave many spiritual stalwarts, he is spiritually inclined. 

He believes that our life is the Divine veiled, the Divine evolving from lower to higher forms, limited consciousness seeking for the infinite Divine Consciousness. He views life as a Spiritual Mystery, the Divine Himself playing out in Darkness and Light, in Good and Evil, in Strife and Peace. Through the fierce conflict of these opposite forces, a secret purpose has been working out in life. But we can move up into a plane where there is neither good nor evil: into the plane of the Divine Good, for the God is beyond our good and evil. This is the spiritual destiny of mankind, he believes.

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Dr Dilip is co-founder of Spirit Yoga Foundation, the forerunner of Satbodh Foundation. An erudite scholar of Yoga philosophy, Vedanta and Tantra, he teaches these subjects at graduate and postgraduate levels in Delhi. This aside, he is a highly esteemed teacher of Sanskrit language and literature. Well-versed in English and Hindi, he writes in both with equal ease. 

He specializes in ancient Indian narrative studies. In July 2013, he presented his research paper titled “Psychological Dimension Anand-mimansa in Taittirya Upanishad” at Vedanta Congress held at University of Massachusetts, USA. He did MA in ancient history from Allahabad University and then MA in Sanskrit from Jawaharlal Nehru University. Further, he earned his doctorate in Sanskrit from Delhi University on the topic of the Ethics in Brhathashloksangraha. His mastery over Ancient Indian Narrative Studies speaks of his deep wisdom.

A passionate seeker for the Divine and the Truth of life since his childhood, he is an ardent follower of the great mystic Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsha. He believes that the final destiny of man is to unite with the Divine, to live for the Divine, to serve the Divine in myriad activities of life.

He has realized through mystical experiences that the Divine is not far; He is dwelling deep inside us, ready to take the lead of our lives once we open our hearts to Him. A yoga enthusiast, he believes yoga has the power to transform life from the deep, abolishing strife, replacing discord with concord, bringing enduring peace and furthering civilization.

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Dr. Dilip Scholar, Teacher, Philosopher
Dr. Ramesh Singh Pal Scientist, Writer, Spiritual Motivator

Born in 1981 in Bijnore, Uttar Pradesh, Dr Ramesh Singh Pal is an Agricultural Scientist, Writer and Spiritual Motivator, settled in Almora, Uttarakhand. He received his Doctorate in Philosophy focused in Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand. He qualified the All-India Agriculture Research Services (ARS) in 2010. He has been working as a scientist for ICAR-Vivekananda Institute of Hill Agriculture, Almora for years.

But mere academic pursuits did not satisfy Dr Ramesh’s soul. He felt that something is fundamentally amiss in the way most people perceive life. A quest for the deeper meaning of life haunting him, he started reading Hindu scriptures, particularly the Vedanta. He realized that although we all are potentially divine, we tend to ignore the Divine Call, steeped as we are in the mundane rounds of life. He avers through his knowledge and realization that everything is within. 

We can unveil what is within for a fulfilled life in the Divine. He says his experiences of the deeper truths of life help him cope better with the dynamics and complexity of the scientific world, his mind remaining anchored in the Divine. He is an eminent writer on the themes of Spirituality. His book “Apana Swaroop” (Hindi), which came up in 2018, was based on spiritual motivation. Another book on the same motivational theme “Spiritual Wisdom: Guaranteed Prescription of Success & Happiness” (English) was released in 2020.

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Anjali is an accomplished teacher/trainer in the realm of holistic living. Yoga-enlightened holistic living being her principal love, she feels herself fulfilled while guiding people towards the new life founded on the perennial wisdom of India. She avers that holistic living is the gate into yogic self-finding and yogic living.

Hailing from picturesque Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, she has been teaching for over ten years, conducting classes on hatha yoga, therapeutic yoga among others and leading meditation sessions for individuals and groups. 

She embarked on the yogic journey inward about 21 years ago and she says she has still a long way to go as yoga signifies a voyage into Infinity.  Extremely humble and modest in demeanor, she is a more loving friend to her students than a pedantic teacher who teaches from a plane of superiority.

MSc, Yoga from SVYASA Bangalore, she is a popular yoga therapist, diet advisor, breathing technique expert, lifestyle/ stress management trainer and motivational speaker, all rolled into one. An exemplary yoga trainer, she leads yoga classes for all skill levels, from the basic to the advanced, guiding the participants to correct yoga postures to ensure maximum benefits. Plus, she is a gifted meditation guide, teaching the participants the art of relaxing, destressing, unwinding through stilling and emptying mind of accumulated garbage.

While participating in her classes, the students across ages feel fascinated as they move into levels of which they were previously unaware. This is because of her aura, erudition and simplicity.

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Anjali Yogic Therapist
Mr. Pankaj Kholiya Digital Marketing Head

Pankaj Kholiya is a highly competent IT professional with a proven track record in designing websites, digital marketing and training. Though confident of his IT skills, he is eager to be challenged to grow and further improve in his professional arena. He says his greatest passion is to use his technical knowledge to benefit people and those organizations which are engaged in serving humanity. After passing from Graphic Era Hill University, Dehradun, he secured MTech in Computer Science and Engineering. 

Though young (born on 08 Feb 1995), he is currently managing as many as 5 teams with different skill sets. He is also working on overseas projects, helping these grow in Digital World. Affable and soft-spoken, he never allows himself to compromise on honesty and quality. Further, he has an inner life. He believes that the real satisfaction of life does not come from money accumulated or growing professional reputation. He feels man’s life finds fulfillment in finding Soul.

A life divorced from Soul can never satisfy the deepest craving of man, for spiritual growth. So, he finds real joy while working on those projects which work for the descent of the Divine Consciousness in life. He affirms that India is great because she is unique, unique in the sense that she is the repository of the hoary-old knowledge and mystical experiences of a legion of sages and saints. He loves to work for the yoga projects aimed at taking out the Light from India across the world.

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