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The Satbodh Foundation in Rishikesh provides comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Courses (YTTC) that are recognized and affiliated with Yoga Alliance, USA. Our programs are designed to nurture and enhance the skills of each individual, promoting purification at the physical, psychological, and spiritual levels. Under our Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, we emphasize on the five key aspects of Hatha Yoga—asana (yogic postures), pranayama (breathing awareness technique), bandha (energy locks), mudra (subtle gestures), shatkarma (purging practices), and dynamic ‘n’ static meditation. We offer multiple range of Yoga Teacher Training courses in Rishikesh, including the 100-hour YTTC, the 200-hour YTTC, and the 200-hour Vedanta & YTTC. All these programs are accredited and affiliated with Yoga Alliance, USA, ensuring high-quality training and certification for aspiring yoga teachers.

100 hour yoga teacher training

In Rishikesh

Certificate:  Sat Bodh 

Style:  Hatha Yoga

Fee:  $1199 

2 Week

200 hour Yoga teacher ​training

In Rishikesh

Certificate:  RYS

Style:  Hatha Yoga

Fee:  $1999

4 Week

200 hour Online Yoga teacher training

In Rishikesh

Certificate:  RYS

Style:  Hatha Yoga

Fee:  $899

4 Week


Truth. Purity . Bliss

Satbodh Foundation, a company incorporated under the Indian Laws namely the Companies Act, 2013. It was founded in 2022 by Yogi Simant. This non-profit organization works for the expansion of enduring Vedic philosophy of life, meditation for bliss & peace including social initiatives in Uttarakhand. We mainly emphasize on traditional hatha yoga under yoga teacher training course for the contemporary aspirants to assures harmony in their personal, professional and spiritual domain of their life.  It all begins by opening the window of wisdom just by the expansion of consciousness and elevation of ‘pranic’ energy.         



Your body, mind and consciousness changes with time. But there is something in you which remains the same witnessing all the changes silently. This is your “Self” or “Soul” or “Truth”. Without truth, there is no possibility of any existence (sentient or insentient)  



You are traveller for many, many lives, and in this long journey your consciousness gathers dust. The purpose of meditation is to remove these layers of dust from your consciousness and regain cloudless sky-like purity.

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 When bliss descends on you by divine grace, then truth and consciousness automatically come by nature’s default. This ‘bliss’ is not dependent on outer objects, but it comes within. This is innate trait in your essential being.  

Satbodh Program for Yogic Transformation

Sat Meditation Kriya

Quiet the mind, nourish the soul

Sat Meditation is knowing the essence of your existence. Everything in you (body, mind, intelligence) grows and changes with course of time. But there is something which remains the same at all time and existed even when you have no body or mind while you were living in mother’s womb. Wisdom of ‘Sat’ is intuitive. 

7 Days Sat meditation

7-day Sat Meditation, a basic course in Rishikesh, designed for truth-seeking aspirant who is desperate to know “Who I am.” Delve into the mysteries of existence

14 Days Sat meditation

Sat Meditation Kriya in Rishikesh is mystique merge of basic and advanced meditation techniques. This course is designed for both meditation teachers and those seeking individual growth.

7 Days Satchit Kriya

Awaken Your True Self

7 Days Satchit Kriya

Our Services

Gemsbodh in collaboration with Satbodh Foundation cultivates a vibrant community with online services of astrology (horoscope reading, numerology and gemstone recommendation), jewellery (semi- and precious silver jewellery 92.5 % Finish—Rhodium Plated with stones) and traditional kundan jewellery. We provide online service globally.  Social initiatives is part of Satbodh Foundation. Under self-sustainability program, we cover education, health and skill development for rural areas in hilly state of Uttarakhand.


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Gemstone Consultancy

Vedic astrology,

Birth chart analysis

Kundli Matching

Vastu Consultancy

Silver jewellery





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    Corporate Programs

    Inhale Freedom, Exhale Bondage

    Satbodh Foundation provides yoga programs for corporate professionals. Indulge in mind-soothing & soul-stirring program for corporate professionals looking for “out of box” thinking. The three-days and five-days transformative program is intended to bring holistic changes in your emotive behaviour. When emotions changes, it effects your behaviour, thought-patterns and psychology too. The elements of our yogic program are physical stability, mind purging kriya, breath-kriya and meditation.

    Breath Purification

    • Reduce mental chatter
    • Relief from daily-life stress
    • Boost your immunity

    Physical Benefits  

    • Feeling of weightlessness
    • Flexible muscular system
    • Remain active round the clock


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