Truth is beyond intellect, logic, reasoning



Purity comes when soul is awake.



Bliss floods life when life becomes soul.

Satbodh Programs of Yogic Transformation

Remove Ego & Feel the Universe Pulsating in You

We live divorced from Universal Existence. This is Ignorance, for the Universe exists in us. Satbodh programs aim at removing this cleavage, unifying humans with the Universe, by transformation through a new yogic birth, in health, peace and harmony.

Yoga TTC

Gateway to Yogic Wisdom

Sat Chit Kriya

Consciousness Unveiled in Bliss

Sat Meditation Kriya

Divine Light Flooding Still Mind


Heals Wholly, Holistically, Naturally

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Satbodh Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh

Connect Consciousness, Embody Consciousness, Emanate Consciousness

Satbodh Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh are meant to transform the yoga seekers into lighthouses of yoga who will beckon the aspirants, young and old, from across the world, to benefit from yoga. Meticulously crafted in tune with the need of this uncertain time, they will lead the aspirants to harmonious living, healthy living, blissful living.

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Why Satbodh is Special?

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Satbodh thinks globally, razing down divisive walls, churning out yoga missionaries, ushering in a new age, in yoga, life liberated from division and strife, living in yogic peace and harmony.



Surrender is offering what one is in nature-crude and imperfect- to the Divine so that it can be changed into Divine Nature by Divine Force.



Trust is Faith in Divine Grace working in us, with no fear, despair or demand, simple trust of child in his mother.



Everything must be offered to the Divine-our nature, thoughts, attachments, weaknesses and strengths-complete Self-Giving so that we are New-Made in the Divine.

200 Hour Advance Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh


Devotion is Love, unconditional, no expectation of return. Devotion achieves what long penance cannot, Divine Grace acting quick and fast.



Aspiration for evolving from Ignorance into Knowledge, from Ego into Supreme Consciousness, flaming in all circumstances-good or bad-leaving the rest to the Divine.

Belief in Oneself

Belief in Oneself

Unshakable confidence coming from a certitude that as one has turned to the Divine nothing can stop him from the supreme achievement of living in the Divine.



Humility that springs from Soul leads to the realization that all is God disguised as humans, helping our progress through help and hostility towards perfect life in the Divine.

Satchit Kriya in Rishikesh

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Sat-Chit conjoined with Ananda is the Supreme state of human life

Satbodh 7 Days’ Sat-Chit Kriya involves unfolding the deepest Consciousness lying veiled in us beneath our surface ego-awareness/existence. Sat means True Existence-Eternal and Infinite-and Chit means Pure Consciousness unsullied by ego-taint. Sat-Chit signifies True Existence in Pure Consciousness united with the Divine Existence and Divine Consciousness. 

Satbodh Online Workshop

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The Satbodh online yoga courses have been introduced to combat Corona constriction. You can benefit from the online yogic experiences amidst comforts of your home, sans travel hassle. These will transform you, from within.

Sat Meditation in Rishikesh

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Reaching out to Divine Essence, finding it & living in it

Satbodh’s Sat Meditation Kriya-one Basic for 7 days and the other Advanced for 21 days-is Divine-piloted voyage inward to unveil the Divine Essence.  Sat is Divine, for the Divine is the Absolute Reality of Existence, and Meditation is the path to reach the Divine Essence embedded in us.  Sat Meditation connotes connecting to the Divine Essence, pure and unalloyed.

Satbodh’s Spiritual Orators

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A gifted spiritual orator persuades his listeners out of their mundane thinking and takes them into the supra-mundane realms by his experience-enlightened oratory.

Romit Bagchi

Journalist & Writer

Dr. Dilip

Scholar, Teacher & Philosopher

our team member

Dr. Ramesh Singh

Scientist and Writer


Hatha Yoga Instructor


Luck is power, success, health and it depends on the strength of planets in one’s horoscope. For instance, if Jupiter or Sun is strong, you are most likely to succeed in life. Similarly, if Saturn is hostilely placed, it signifies bad luck. Hence comes astrological remedies. Wear specific gemstones & mitigate negative planetary effects. 

When my wife and I planned our trip to Rishikesh, India, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect. Our intention was to take a course on Ayurveda with some secondary Yoga training. Having heard so many stories about India (some good, some not so good), we trusted that the Spirit Yoga Foundation would provide us with a positive experience.
Fon Lim
Why should I learn yoga? What I would gain in doing so? I was reluctant in the beginning. But on the persuasion of close friends, we approach Yogi Simant, who knows yogasastra and has mastery over it. He cleared our doubts through sensible and reasonable lectures. He selected a nice place on the banks of river.
Lee Yu Liang
My name is Sonja Johnson, and I came to Rishikesh in hopes of expanding my knowledge of Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. Having competed my 200hr yoga teacher training (Astanga) in Canada, my expectation was that I would learn more about the ancient form of Hatha Yoga, from which our more modern modalities originated.
Sonja Johnson
Yoga has been associated with happiness, love and joy. It soothes our journey stress in a most natural way. The whole experience of learning at Satbodh Foundation was fabulous. I admired the effortless teaching style of Yogi Simant. The chanting of Om mantras was mandatory in class. I learnt a lot in short period.
Sherry Ong
From teaching from yoga room to open space near mesmerizing river, SF leaved no stone unturned to make us happy. At that moment, we forget the fever and fret of the world. The beauties of yoga are unfathomable and unending. One thing is sure. Spirituality believes in human nature and human freedom.
He Zi Ying

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