Satbodh’s Social Initiatives

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Work Silently, Work Passionately

Satbodh Foundation, registered in 2022 under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013, is a public charitable trust with several wings all dedicated to the cause of humanity. It works in multiple fields: yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, poverty alleviation, education, environment and women empowerment among others.

Spirit Yoga Foundation, an NGO and forerunner of Satbodh Foundation, worked for the empowerment of indigenous communities of Uttarakhand for years. Satbodh Foundation is treading the same path of service with even more zeal and vigour than before. 

Selfless service being its watchword, Satbodh Foundation principally focuses on self-sustainability of the rural community by insightful management of natural resources. Health, education, environment and women empowerment is what Satbodh holds dear to its heart. In these public-spirited ventures, we feel fulfilled. 

  • A charitable trust
  • With myriad wings
  • Yoga, Meditation, Health
  • Education, Environment
  • Women Empowerment

Objects & Mission

As we are charged with a mission, our objects are clear: serving the under-developed people, using our resources to the optimum. We do not discriminate on the basis of caste and creed, community and nationality. We visualize the entire humanity as one and we pledge to reach out to the needy, to those suffering. Although our principal mission is spiritual, we nonetheless work in fields like health, hygiene, education.

  • Buoyed by all-embracing 
  • Spirituality & humanism
  • No discrimination done 
  • Service for all who
  • Need spiritual & material succor

We mainly focus on

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Yoga & Ayurveda

These two, combined, can ensure vigorous health- physical, mental, spiritual-of the rural people. The high-altitude regions being home to precious herbs and medicinal plants, we make the locals aware of their health utilities as home remedies for common ailments. Besides, we train them on yoga/pranayama practices which ensure unfailing health. 

  • Mountains rich with 
  • medicinal herbs/ plants
  • We make villagers aware of 
  • Their uses as home remedies
  • Popularizing yoga/pranayama 

Social Marketing

Women Empowerment: This is crucial for village development. Women must be trained to hone their skills as part of self-sustainability projects. Churning out skilled women is key to women empowerment. As per our experiences, they are eager to learn new skills to substantially add to their families’ earnings.  We assist them as a mission.

  • Skilling women key 
  • To village development
  • Also, to women empowerment
  • We assist them in earning
  • And boosting families’ wellbeing 

Education & Hygiene

Unhygienic living invites diseases in the rural areas. Inculcating the value of sanitation in the rural people is a paramount need for a disease-free, healthy community. We not just instill this in them but also contribute our mite in including it in the basic education in the mountain villages. 

  • Unhygienic living breeds 
  • Diseases in hill villages 
  • We make people aware of 
  • Value of sanitation as part of 
  • Our educational mission  

Skill Development

We are deeply concerned over the fast-vanishing heritage craft and skill which used to previously sustain the village life economically. These indigenous arts must be revived to bring back prosperity of the village communities.  This is a crucial self-sustainability initiative for the impoverished village people. We are aware of our responsibility 

  • Heritage crafts/skills 
  • Vanishing fast with time
  • Impoverishing rural people
  • These arts need revival 
  • For economic revival of villages 

Intervention Areas

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Our present developmental focus is trained on the rural/ mountain areas of Uttarakhand. We work on self-sustainability projects with long-term vision. Mahatma Gandhi would stress on self-sustained villages and we are committed to helping the village communities develop by their own independent efforts. We, however, assist in government projects aside from executing CSR and our own programs with our resources. 

  • Self-sustainability projects
  • With long-term vision
  • We show rural people 
  • The way to self-development
  • Aiding govt. projects, CSR

Your Support, Our Strength

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Though our mission is great, our resources are limited. So, we are appealing to you all passionately to extend your small hand of help. It can and will developmentally transform the life of the village people of this mountain state. Your help, even if modest, may help bring back smiles on the pale faces of the struggling children and youth of this under-developed region. 

  • You may suggest ideas 
  • Or may volunteer to 
  • Teach these children 
  • Get youth & women 
  • Engaged in gainful works
  • May also contribute to Our noble mission financially
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