Yoga Alliance Accreditation?

It was established in late 1990’s as an international yoga organization to firm up a minimum standard criteria for a yoga schools or yoga teachers for having international credentials. Registered as a non-profit organization under the US federal laws, it has been functioning as a registry of yoga schools and teachers. Importantly, it not just brings norms in yoga teaching & learning process but also champions and protects the rights of yoga professionals.


How does it work?

It does not work through its own training center; it instead sets the yoga training parameters to ensure that a better yoga community comes up through adequate instructions being imparted to the yoga students/enthusiasts. 


Registered Yoga School: Satbodh 


Satbodh Yoga School have accreditation with Yoga Alliance, USA.  Adhering to its parameters, we are conducting numerous yoga workshops for the students like 100- hour, 200-hour and advanced 200-hour yoga teacher training courses. On successful completion of these courses, the participants will receive teaching eligibility certificates from the esteemed Yoga Alliance USA. And these certificates will enable the participants to teach yoga nearly anywhere in the world with ease and confidence.


Myriad Facilities of Registration

  • Helps have a profile on a web directory as a yoga school or teacher. It not just confirms the registered status but helps increase the yoga institution’s visibility, ensuring a better chance to access yoga enthusiasts as potential clients.
  • Enhances credentials of the institution as the yoga seekers get enthused finding themselves on the international platform provided by the reputable Yoga Alliance.
  • Becoming a part of the exclusive yoga community brings a tremendous satisfaction. It embraces all who have passion and respect for the timeless science of yoga that brings health and spiritual fulfilment.    
  • Exclusive discounts for members is another incentive for being registered with Yoga Alliance. These discounts apply to a few other things such as travel, apparel brands, training etc.