Introduction to Privacy Policy

Satbodh Foundation’s Privacy Policy serves as a declaration of its website’s principles concerning the collection and disclosure of visitor information. We affirm that we adhere strictly to established standards and guidelines in upholding the confidentiality and dignity of sensitive data, which includes the email addresses and other information belonging to our clients, visitors, and readers. Our commitment to IT ethics ensures that we do not disclose or share email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, or any other vital information with any company, organization, or third party for business gains.


All sensitive information related to financial, health or any personal matter passes through a security server. This is to ensure safe delivery from the sender to the receiver. If you find that our website is not following the declared privacy policy, you must contact us immediately over phone or through email. We will act promptly.

Seeking Permission

You can seek permission for reprinting, publishing, licensing for any content or blog material of our website by intimating us via e-mail to our official website or sending postal letter to our office address with the purpose clearly stated therein.

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