Satbodh Foundation’s Privacy Policy is a statement of its website policy on receiving and releasing information about a visitor. We declare here that we strictly follow the standard norms/guidelines regarding maintaining dignity of confidential data, including email addresses and other information of our clients, visitors and readers.  We stick to IT ethics and under no circumstances do we share email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses and other vital information to any company, organization or third party for business milage.

We do respect your rights over your email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses and other information and protect them from open public view. Rest assured that we never share them with others.

Further, our website is technically protected from hackers and it is being regularly upgraded so as to ensure that it is always in the mainstream.

So, you can freely post your feedback on our programs, blogs etc. on our website by citing correct information (in specified box)

We, however, reserve the right to change our privacy policy if it is required. But we assure that if we incorporate changes in our privacy policy, you will be promptly informed of the changes. 

Data Collection

Mention worthy that the webhost’s server of Satbodh Foundation identifies the domain names only and does not recognize email addresses of the visitors to our website. We collect data and information which are related to our programs and avoid collecting unwanted information. We follow the rule of sharing the email addresses of the senders with others like researchers only after getting their consent. However, we seek and receive feedback on the content of our website and blogs from readers across the world, the purpose being to improve the quality of the content and correct mistake if any found.  Further, we respect your rights to amend your data, delete data and review the information on you that we hold. 


All sensitive information related to financial, health or any personal matter passes through a security server. This is to ensure safe delivery from the sender to the receiver. If you find that our website is not following the declared Privacy Policy, you must contact us immediately over phone or through email.

Seeking Permission

You may seek permission for reprinting, publishing, licensing for any content or blog materials of our website by intimating us via e-mail to our official website or sending postal letter to our office address with the purpose clearly stated.


Satbodh Foundation is the owner of the website content/design, including uploaded photographs and videos, and so, it reserves its rights to them. You must not copy, reproduce, translate, sell, publish, display, transmit or modify any part of them without written consent of Satbodh Foundation.

Note: You Are Requested to Carefully Read Our Privacy Policy