Satbodh Meditation Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

Mind thoughtless void; Consciousness Ascending; Divine Light Descending

What Is Sat Meditation Kriya?

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Sat Meditation or Divine Essence Meditation is the divinely inspired route to living in peace, sans stress, in the Divine, through voyaging into your inner space lying infinite. Meditation Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, Connecting to this inner space starts the process of finding yourself: the True Self of yours, the Divine Essence, that is outside your body-mind complex. Finding yourself leads to complete union of yourself with yourself, with the Divine Inhabitant in you. The Divine is living inside you, in everything that exists in the universe: animate or inanimate.

Discovering Divinity

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Divinity is the fountainhead of Love- the Divine Love.  One Divine has become Many. And returning to this Divine Oneness through your voyage of discovery is the consummation of Sat Meditation. Once Divinity is found, all is found in the Divine Harmony.

Surrender of Being

The first essential for Sat Meditation Kriya is total, unconditional Surrender to the Divine Force acting in you for your spiritual progress.

New-Made Individual

As you are lost in the Great Void, you will feel yourself as a New Individual, living not in separative mind-awareness but in Consciousness expanding.

The Great Void

Mind- now widened, ego obliterated- gets immersed in Sunya or the Great Void. Existence becomes non-existence. Only a flame would be burning there: the Flame of Consciousness deepening.

Cosmic Consciousness

Now, start widening your mind further to connect to Universality as though you are Oceanic Existence, one with the Divine Existence-Infinite, Eternal- the One living in All.

Silence of Mind

Thought-free Silence is the foundation of Sat Meditation. It is difficult to silence mind, but you must persist till you succeed.

Wideness of Mind

Now, widen your mind by freeing it from ego-meshes. Realize that ego keeps you entangled in a limited, fenced-in, incomplete existence.

Transcendental Consciousness

Hereafter comes Transcendental Consciousness, self-absorbed into itself, not dependent on the universe, immersed in the Bliss of Timeless, Spaceless, Eternal Existence.

The whole universe is a symbol, and God is the essence behind.

Swami Vivekananda

Sat-Meditation Defined

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Voyage into Inner Space: Boundless, Beyond Time

Sat is pure existence, true existence, the absolute truth, the absolute reality of life. Our normal existence is not the true existence. It is ruled by ego, driven by ego, ephemeral life bound by death. We have to transcend the ego to reach the True Existence-the Sat. Sat is the Divine, for the Divine is the Absolute Reality of Existence-Birthless, Deathless, Eternal, Infinite.


Meditation is the way, the route, the path to reach the Sat or the Absolute Truth of Life. It signifies going within and reaching the deepest core of our being-the Divine Essence in us-the Consciousness that is ever-united with the indwelling Divine Inhabitant.

Sat-Meditation thus signifies connecting to the Divine Essence in us, the Absolute Reality of our being, and living securely in the Divine Consciousness, in the Pure Consciousness, life emancipated from the ever-rotating wheel of time, living in the Bliss of Timelessness. 

Meditation Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

Myriad Benefits of Meditation Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

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Settled in calm mind, you can dare challenges of life

Meditation transforms, wholly. It is not sitting alone at a fixed time. It may be helpful for the beginners; but later, as meditation progresses, all life, every moment of life whatever you do becomes meditation. The present time is driving you to distractions, your mind seeming like a crazy market place. Thus, keeping mind still has become a frightfully difficult task. Through meditation alone, you can get true peace, true joy of living in harmony with other lives, with the universal life.

Silent Mind

Mind silenced connects you to Consciousness. In Consciousness there is no friction between you and others, all harmonized in the Divine Truth. Persistent Sat Meditation Kriya transforms life.

Satbodh Foundation believes that an ideal teacher is more a loving guide than a stern instructor. He shows the way to knowledge instead of imposing knowledge from outside. A Satbodh teacher is armed with the conviction that knowledge lying veiled should be unveiled by the students themselves under the teachers’ benign and watchful guidance.  The teachers’ role is to encourage, cheer, motivate and the rest would be done by the students themselves.  Satbodh Yoga School is rich with a pool of experienced, dedicated teachers They teach while using all the relevant yogic tools and techniques They teach according to the traditional and modern modes of teaching They are not professionals; they are yoga missionaries They lovingly help the seekers absorb and assimilate the yoga science, expounding it in lucid ways for all to understand

Boosting Health

Breath, when controlled, brings health as there is a symbiotic relation between body/mind and breath. When body/ mind are quieted down, it positively impacts your health.

Stress Removed

Emotional instability brings stress and excessive stress weakens immunity. If you focus on the positive emotions like love, harmony, beauty of life, it will fill you with wholesomeness.

Efficiency Enhanced

No doubt, you are stressed. If stress is removed your concentration and efficiency levels will automatically go up. And this is what happens through Sat Meditation Kriya.

Subconscious/ Unconscious

This “somewhere else” is the domains of Subconscious and Unconscious.  Sat Meditation Kriya brings the solution through self-finding. Your inmost self remains untouched by surface bubble of emotional life.


You are often bewildered by your own impulsive reactions to situations. You will understand through a little practice of self-observation that you are being controlled from somewhere else.

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Growing Harmony

When your psychological blocks are removed, your harmony with the life at large will deepen. You will feel as though the life outside is beautiful though apparently imperfect.

Discovering Divinity

Divinity is the fountainhead of Love- the Divine Love.  One Divine has become Many. And returning to this Oneness through your voyage of discovery is the consummation of your meditation. Once Divinity is found all is found.

sat meditation kriya: basic to advanced

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Satbodh Foundation is offering to you two well-thought-out Sat Meditation Kriyas-one for 7 days and the other for 21 days. But you must not have the illusion that things end with mere completion of these courses. After the courses are over, you must carry on, with unflagging persistence and determination, till meditation becomes a habit with you, making you restless until you get into your inner self which is the fount of strength, peace and harmony. 

  • Two Sat Meditation kriyas
  • For 7 days & 21 days
  • One basic, other advanced
  • Meditation to be made a habit
  • Meditation connects to fount of strength

“And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time.”

- T S Eliot

Transformation Through Sat Meditation Kriya

7 days’ basic sat meditation kriya

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Voyage into Inner Space: Boundless, Beyond Time

The 7-day kriya is meant for the beginners, easy learn, easy to practice. The class will go for 6 to 8 hours each day with the meditation masters training and guiding you how to remain calm and unperturbed through ups and downs, peaks and valleys in life by remaining connected with your inmost self.

True self is Consciousness. Once you get connected to Consciousness you are free from the whims of fate, the unpredictability and uncertainty of life. Meditation transforms you wholly involving your multiple layers-physical, vital, mental-by connecting them to Consciousness ever- poised in serenity. Progressively, you will connect the realm of Bliss. This Bliss is not happiness but what you have been seeking and searching outwardly like the musk deer which, deluded, keeps searching for its own fragrance blindly, outside it.

21 days’ advanced sat meditation kriya

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Aspiration for higher life, founded in Divine, ensouls meditation

The 21 days’ kriya is deeper, comprehensive: embracing myriad meditation techniques which have evolved over thousands of years. If you are aspiring to be meditation teachers you should opt for it. However, you may choose it for your self- improvement if you like. This kriya involves seven types of meditation, including active and passive meditation. All of them being loaded with spiritual power, they will infallibly pilot your mind’s flight into the subtle realms of Consciousness and from Consciousness to Bliss.

Three days would be devoted to each type of meditation and 21 days will cover all. There would be group and individual classes, each class’s duration varying from six to eight hours. Moreover, there would be morning classes as well as evening classes, making your days dynamic and nights restful.

body & mind to be prepared patiently

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Body & Mind resist fiercely: Need to be transformed

Though meditation is generally connected to mind, body cannot be ignored either. For body is the base in which subtle powers of mind and Consciousness play. So, the body must be adequately prepared for the mind to get freed from the bourn of the gross and get into the subtle layers of Consciousness.

Mind also resists meditation, obstinately. So it must be cleansed too of the debris lying in its hidden layers, undetected. This advanced meditation course will ensure that your mind is cleansed enough to take you into the wonderful adventure into Consciousness.

Sun-lit Path to Thought-free Stillness

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Neither Body nor Nervous System nor Life force nor Mind

Meditation is generally deemed to be a mental act. But this is not the whole truth. It is more a Will than an Act. Sitting quiet in a certain pose, eyes closed, is not meditation. It is at its best a relaxing exercise of mind. Meditation is a will of your Consciousness, seeking to replace the surface mind- always restless- with a deep awareness- ever calm, poised and immobile. It is important for the beginners to understand that mind is not what you think it is. There are two layers-one in the front, the other in the back. 

One is mobile; the other is immobile. One acts; the other is inactive.  One is Nature Mind and another is Witness Mind. What you take for mind is the Nature Mind- the monkey mind, turning round in a cycle. But through practice of meditation, we will find another mind-the Witness Mind that is unmoved by what is happening in the Nature Mind, like a disinterested witness, letting thoughts come and pass in unending stream, but never allowing them disturb its immobile poise. Separating these two minds and connecting the Witness Mind and conquering the Nature Mind: this is what the aspirants for meditation should do.